Beautiful Brown Eyes (Elementary Piano Solo) Alfred's Adult Level 1

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TEACHER DEMO. This song is on Page 65 of the Alfred’s Adult All In One Course Level 1. In measures 3 & 11, most students find playing the 2nd C in the Right Hand along with the Left Hand a challenge at first. Don’t be discouraged if you find that as well. You are not alone.

Alfred’s Adult All In One Level One:

Alfred’s Adult Basic Level One:

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Performed on a Bosendorfer 7’4″ Concert Grand Piano (225SP) by Norma Meis

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S5
Microphone: CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser
Audio Recording Software: Audacity
Editing Software: Blender


Meron Doar says:

Hi again and thank you for this video, you play this piece beautifully!
I wanted to ask about the last measure, it is written only to play G on the left hand and I have seen you kept the the B and D as well. Do I suppose to keep both of them?
Moreover, the timing of releasing the damper pedal is after the last count of the 4th line measure or at the first count in each line? I am having a trouble with the pedal up timing.
Hope it isn't to many questions

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