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‘Tik Tok is Instagram for the mobile video age.’ Tech Crunch

Hello Bosses,

I’ve been on TIK TOK for three weeks now (my curiosity got the better of me – you’ll find me @beautyhag) and it’s completely surprised me – I absolutely love it. It’s a fun and thoroughly joyful place. It’s also a super-interesting space for brands. In fact, I’m convinced it’s going to be as powerful a platform for brands as Instagram is.

Three weeks in and I’m obviously no expert but before you dismiss TIK TOK as a platform ‘for kids’ let’s remember that Facebook, in its early years, was considered a ‘platform just for college kids’ and we know how that turned out.

We also know that video is predicted to account for 82% of ALL Internet traffic by 2020* meaning you can’t afford to dismiss a video platform like TIK TOK.

If you head over to my website you can download the full 1000-word show notes (YouTube says no – too long!!) that accompany this video –

Ed Sheeran Tik Tok Challenge
9 Brands Killing It on Tik Tok –
Elle Tik Tok Influencers You Should Be Following –
How to Advertise on Tik Tok –
River Island on Tik Tok –

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The Medieval Pochade says:

Right! I'm going to begin prepping. Great JoTalk.

Abbie Bradley says:

Amazing thanks Jo. lots of love from Perth x

Amazing Faces says:

Thx for this vid. I downloaded the app and uploaded my first clip for my face painting business. I am up to 53k views in 12 hrs! OMGoodness!!!! 200 followers! I am shocked.

Lisa Caldognetto says:

Great video! I also popped my TIKTOK cherry (score another quid) three weeks ago. I keep playing and finding amazing features on it. One of my videos hit 299k views…. putting on mascara. I follow you already ovs, feel free to peak at mine if you can @lisacaldognettomakeup
It’s such a joyful place, it’s nice to let loose. Great video as ever

Roxanna Urdaneta says:

thank you for sharing with us! could you please make a video on hashtags?

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