DIY: Turn Your Leggings into a Crop Top (No Sew)

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LIKE..COMMENT.. SUBSCRIBE!! Leggings are truly a gift for all women. But unfortunately … THINGS HAPPEN! You gain/lose weight, they get LINTY from watching them too much and or they rip! Welp, this is a great ALTERNATIVE to just THROWING them out! Turn your old LEGGINGS into a SUPER CUTE CROP TOP! Please leave ANY Questions Below. ::


*Instagram @Aye_Fla

MATERIALS: Plain t-shirt, fabric, fabric glue,Chalk, iron, cardstock or cardboard

WHERE CAN I GET FABRIC? If you don’t want to cut up an old piece of clothing, you can get cheap fabric squares at most craft stores (and at Walmart), usually for just 99 cents.

CAN I WASH THIS? Yes. Most fabric glues are machine washable. Check the info on your brand of fabric glue to verify.

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Present Pigott says:

Yup- chekin' this one out. Thanks for this, doll.

MrsThrift says:

Thanks so much,Hun!

Cali Natural says:

Great vid… and simple diy. Thanks for sharing.

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