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I’ve never recorded my voice before so I tried it out for a very small portion of this video, I know its pretty random how I’m just reading what I typed LOL.. might try do full voice overs in the future so you guys won’t have to read so much~ Its weird listening to my own voice though xD sounds strange to me lol.

I know this jewellery board idea has been floating around the internet already so I’m not claiming this is what I came up with. I’m just sharing with you the process of me making mine =) I haven’t seen anyone try to use an art canvas board though, but I’d say stick to the cork board because its more sturdy.. was just an idea since I saw that canvas boards are cheaper than cork boards.

Preferably get a cork tile since then it won’t have the frame, I couldn’t find one though so I just bought a cork board.

Originally I was going to put a frame of cream lace but found out lace was really expensive =( if I was to buy a piece long enough to frame the board I would have spent like x4 the price of my total fabric cost so I didn’t think it was worth it. If you want to you can try it, I think with lace added it’ll be very cute ^^

– fabric NZ$3
– cork board NZ$10
– x50 box of thumb pins NZ$1.50
– art canvas NZ$3.90
– other stuff were just materials that were lying around at home

Carrying You (music box version)
~ from Laputa: The Castle in the Sky


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