7 Creative And Affordable DIY Wedding Favors

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I love the simplicity, much simple wedding is more blessed .☺☺

Kate Maresova says:

well I dont know where you guys live, but honey and coffee is pretty expensive… it all seems cheap if you don't think about it too much but then if you have to buy the jars/bafs and labels and twine it adds up. Sure it's not ferrari but still wouldnt call it cheap.

Pernell13489 says:

Dumbest things I have ever seen in 61 years. I don't understand why you would even have to give them favors when you are inviting them to share your wedding reception. That in itself is expensive especially if you have food, alcohol, and dessert but to put those bags together would cost about $10 each and even if you only have 100 guests…well guests don't care about stuff glued together with cheap candy. The last family and quite expensive wedding that I attended, our daughter was in it, and the bride and groom tried to raise funds (in addition to the beautiful and expensive gifts they received and it being at the beach) by doing a kissing booth with the bride and as a dancing partner. ? I couldn't believe it but was so embarrassed for them and they didn't know realize that many of us were embarrassed for them.

Annie Thompson says:

Please do video on twine bows..thank you


Sponsored by double-sided tape 😃😂

Izza Hamza says:

Affordable?succulents are like ten pounds each!

Gaby Estrada says:

Where to get the honey jars!

Giada Eventi says:

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E L says:

Thanks for coming to my wedding here’s a bandaid and some pills

carlos glvn says:

Honey locally sourced… at Costco

A C says:

We gonna really act like it’s okay to give a jar of salt to your guests.

Nightsky Sisters Msp says:

Hi thanks for coming to my wedding here’s some honey,hot sauce,a jar of salt and a bottle of water 😂😂

Katz Bee says:

I read some of the comments, some said they wouldn't do wedding favors. So I wonder why they are watching a video on wedding favors, was it just to make smart @ss remarks. Others making comments about the sea salt and the hangover kit which really shows their intelligence level. They have no clue what the sea salt is used for and why someone would give out a hangover kit. So let me clarify, Sea salt is great for bath soaks and foot soaks it helps relieve sore muscles and make your skin feel good making it great to use after a day standing, walking, dancing after a day long wedding festival a soak will feel pretty good…
Many weddings have a open bar, so LOTS of people over drink, celebrating at a wedding. So that's why a person would hand out hangover kits to their guest. I don't get why some people feel the need to make rude comments, especially when they themselves have no clue on whats what. Some people just have no class, no manners and are just plan rude. Mean People Suck…
Ok now that I got that off my chest… I think this video has some great ideas for wedding favors. Don't let the haters get you down. I for one Appreciate and Thank you for Sharing 😀👍👍

pandoraheartsvd says:

What if you're broke?

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