MOISTURIZING Shampoo – 4c low porosity hair safe for sensitive scalps and eczema

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DIY Shampoos and Body Wash
Many of the so called “organic” shampoos and cleansers you find in health food stores may be free of SLS, parabens, and other harmful chemicals, but they may still use synthetic thickeners, preservatives, and antifreeze agents, Yikes! Like Propylene Glycol to ease transportation and give them a longer shelf life. It can irritate skin, causing allergic reactions, and it alters skin structure.
What if I showed you a way to make your own cheap healthier cleansers? These cleasnsers have worked for me and I have acne and eczema…sigh. Always do a patch test before trying a new DIY!
These natural shampoos don’t foam and are not as thick as commercial shampoos, but clean all the same.
I have tried many of the recipes myself over the last year or so, It’s a matter of trial and error, But I bet it is better than Anti-Freeze hair right? OK LET’S GO!
Dilute 3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one-3 cup of water. Double the measures according to the amount needed to cover your length of hair.

Feeling really adventurous make your own apple cider vinegar with this easy DIY recipe and video I linked above
How to make your own apple cider vinegar:
Next time you eat an apple, recycle your apple rings and cores and place them inside a jar filled with water. Then keep your jar with no lid on in a dark cupboard. Your homemade vinegar will be ready in a few weeks.

2- Black African Soap and Rose water
Black African soap is already super healthy for your skin and hair but add the powerful nutrient packed ingredients of rose water and you have a moistening shampoo that will leave your scalp clean, while not stripping your hair!

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Tree Top says:

Thanks for sharing, we use organic commercial shampoo and conditioner, however like you stated there may still be irritating ingredients, will definately look into making our own💖

Vibe with Domms says:

Wow I’ve never thought about making my very own shampoo and conditioner 🤔 thanks for sharing these awesome tips with us!

Justina Patton says:

This video was perfect for me as I suffer from eczema and it's bad in the winter!! Thanks for sharing girl super insightful!!

Jesse Eby says:

Super helpful I'll share this with my sister!

Alejandro’s Adventures says:

You used some really good ingredients! Looks easy enough to make, I think I’m gonna try it 👍🏼

Minakshi Choudhary says:

Wow, I have never tried making them at home, awesome


My wife has eczema and she would love to see this.

The Newton Fam says:

Great video my daughter has this

Abigail says:

Love your videos always!!

Naturalkay2011 says:

I don't have a sensitive scap but my daughter does. Wonder if this would be appropriate for her. She'll be 5 next month. I've made my own products before but never my own shampoo. Thanks for sharing!


This was very helpful and handy might have to give this a try

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