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hi everyone!

Today it’s a vlog style video, I take you through my day and show you how to keep your skin healthy and healthy skin maintenance once you have healed yourself from eczema or any other skin problem. I show talk about how to moisturise, what clothes to wear, what foods to eat, and how to relax your diet without bringing back your eczema. To maintain healthy eczema free skin, you need to keep going with your healthy lifestyle. Keep going with your good habits and try not to slip back into your old ways.

Hope you enjoy the vid!
Ully x


Aymeric says:

Absolutely love your videos !
I'm currently following a plant based diet too (and trying not to fall back into my old diet as I said in the comments under your last video lol), and using an eczema hand cream prescribed by my doctor. It's all getting better ! I sometimes incorporate fish too (salmon is awesome but quite expensive to me). And spinach is gold vegetable-wise. Can't wait until I'm in my "maintaining healthy skin" stage.

Daniah Algethmi says:

Reallyyyy enjoyed it Ully ❤️keep going in what you do it is so helpful , also I liked the balance in your diet and lifestyle because I found it so hard to be strict while following eczema friendly diet so yea love you 😘

Jasmine Talks says:

Love your channel Ully, and have found your Eczema tips super helpful as you back them up with experience and research. Great video 🙂 xx

Morning Brew & Tea says:

Hahaha your workout comment "no one wants to see that" you're too funny. I really liked this video! It's nice to see videos like this – someone with eczema living in a day of their life. <3

Mahnaaz Usman says:

Live Ur vids.My lips and hands are feeling much better. Thank u x💖✨

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