Affirmations to heal eczema and any skin problem

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Hello. I use these affirmations to heal my eczema and my skin flare up and I thought I share this with you with the hope that it will help you too. Backround music is……chanting of OM mantra. The OM is very powerful sound ,its a sound of creation and healing !!! Together with these affirmations ….its a powerful healing tool for me. I know my accent might not be everyrone s cup of tea so please forgive me I ve tried my best. I ve created this with an intention to help my fellow sufferers. This is my second youtube upload so its far from perfect but I hope that wont matter to most.
I ve been suffering with eczema since I was 3months old. It used to be on my arms and behind knees but as I grew older it changed the location to my face and neck …..the worst place it could be…. in my opinion. But hey here I am with confidence and love.:) Forgivness is very important in healing process and also acceptance of oneself. Eczema can also be connected to not feeling safe so affirming that… I am safe… is also important.
If you use these affirmations as often as you can I believe you will see the difference. God Bless you with healing.
Love Sonia

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