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To follow on from my previous video, I talk about how to stay positive during your healing process and how to resist naysayers and negativity!

Ully x

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Christine Hannum says:

Yes!!!!!! People always comment, you should put some chapstick on or whats wrong with your lips are you okay:( i know they are trying to come from a kind place but its so hard

shinakoyuki81 says:

I was gonna ask how would you avoid the parents…because both of my parents are so narrow-minded all they think that I'm just doing some sort of crazy act (they even got me to get my blood checked because they thought I had a bacterial infection during my worst state) Hence why I haven't gone completely vegan plant-based…since my whole family is carnivorous. Even though my mum's cooking is adapting my gf&df diet…I feel like if I wanna completely heal my skin I need to go vegan plant-based. I mean this is probably what you get from living with the family…I don't have much control of my own diet. They try to control what I eat but I guess the only thing I've gotta do is stand my ground? I really want to heal for long term.

Zhao Wu says:

Same as April, thanks to Susan’s channel I found you’re channel.


I have eczema on face which soap is good please suggest me

April Taf says:

Thanks to Susan’s channel I found you’re channel👍My question is re oils as I’ve been trying to be oil free which is hard😬and can itself cause stress avoiding them all the time.I use some olive oil now is that what you use to cook?Do you include oils daily?It can stress me if I question when will I heal ?all the time?Ive made progress on the whole foods diet but I’m not fully healed yet and it’s the belief that I will that keeps me going, my body’s nearly fully healed but I still get a few niggling small patches around my mouth/chin that just come and go maybe oneday they will be gone 🙏I’ve been wfpd since last August.

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