My #Eczema and the Journey of #Healing #EczemaJourney #Paintohealing process

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31st March- I woke up to a itchy & burnt feeling over my eyelids. I ignored & was carelessly scratching my eyelids.
❌Pls Take a NOTE❌ths is the worst thing to do to your skin, especially around your eyes since they are sensitive.
Gradually itchiness turned into red flare-ups. It became worst. Since I was on a leave and free, I Googled about the symptoms and my situation. Finally I troubleshoot and reached to the conclusion that it is none other than ECZEMA. TBH, I didn’t knw about ECZEMA till that date. But since all the symptoms & pictures were matching to my situation I conclude it to be Eczema. (& I was Right).
But because of Virus situation, I was scared to go to Hospital. So I decided to check again which medicines/cream has more reviews & I found one. I spent next 1️⃣hr reading all the online reviews about tht cream & finally, I decided to order that cream. TBH it sounds so accurate “NOW” but frankly, I took a chance of not visiting a Dr & doing my own treatment.
Anyhow, my cream arrived in the next half an hour & I Shree Ganesh the Eczema cream but it wasn’t a smooth journey it took 8 days.
Pain was so bad I used to feel like my eyes have caught in the fire. It used to BURN & itchiness was on another level. Also IDK WHY tears were rolling from my eyes without me crying which was making it worst cause the Eczema flare & the salty tears were making it unbearably painful.
While I was suffering from it I was eating well & drinking loads of Vitamin C, Detoxifying my body with Green Teas and warm water. Most Important I kept myself Positive. Every night I used to sleep praying I should wake up & magically the eczema should go. My fam-Rosh, along wth few close colleagues. ET, WD, & Rhissa knew this.
The only reason I am posting my ECZEMA journey is for awareness & God forbid any of you’ll suffer from this please do let me knw-Do talk to me. I am nt a MEDICO or a counselor but I can help you find your symptoms & pre-stage solution. You can cure this with me, Rather we can CURE this together.
Also, I would like to mention after my R&D I came to know these Eczema flares up due to stress & tensions as well, Diet has a very minimal thing to do in flaring and healing. (but healthily diet is a PLUS)
Keeping Hope alive is another most important key. In this Pandemic situation, we need to ve connected, I Am here to listen & help if needed. If I can help or motivate even 1️⃣single human, I will be more than Happy.
#positivevibesonly 🌸 let’s heal together🙏🏻
#betterdaysareahead best cream to cure #Eczema is #Elave sensitive intensive cream❤️


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