THE HEALING STAGES OF ECZEMA: Project Reverse complete! How I healed eczema FAST

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To conclude my project reverse, I look back on my journey and tell you about the five healing stages of eczema that you go through to heal your eczema naturally. When you know what these stages are, you’ll have a better understanding of where you are in your own journeys and hopefully help you to heal your eczema fast (or as fast as it can be!).

Healing is not linear and you’ll experience plenty of ups and downs throughout – this is normal! Do not let these times discourage you but use these to learn about your own skin and what works for you.

Use your diet and lifestyle as a foundation to heal yourself and your skin, if you need inspiration follow me on IG.

Oh and I got 1000 subs! THANK YOU ALL!

Ully xx

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Cristal Violeta says:

I have eczema, I'm in a grain free diet (I only eat basmati rice)
No soy, dairy,coffee, no nightshades, sugary fruits and vegetables, stevia only. Organic free Range chicken and eggs, wild caught fish, coconut, advocado And olive oil. And a shower filter.I think I' m in the second stage.

Sara M says:

You’re glowing!

omraz 786 says:

Great improvement since your last video what is working for you? I.e supplements,diet,avoiding Which foods, adding which foods?

Rida M says:

My hair thickened up after I increased my protein and fat intake – lots of nuts/seeds/peanut butter/chicken and veggies too! Hope this helps someone 🙂
Edit: flaxseed oil too!

Mohamed Maftol says:

Congrats on 1000 subs 💖 You are on the road to 100k can you please give me the link of the music Thank you😊

Daniah Algethmi says:

Congrats for 1000 subs 😍👏🏼 also thank you this was helpful , I’ve been in tsw for 4 months now and still getting new spots so maybe stage two 🤔 still positive and strong no matter what !

BeautifullyBubbly says:

Woooooo!!!! So happy for you! Thanks for the video and congrats on 1000 subs! 💖💖

Holly Powers says:

Aah really enjoyed this! Would’ve found this so helpful to watch at the start of my healing journey! Love how you’ve set it into the stages :)) xxxx

Sara P says:

I don't usually comment on videos but I just wanted to say thank you so much because you've helped me a lot.

The Batman says:

Make a video about exfoliative cheilitis please my request.

loveneverfails310 says:

also yes do the halo extension review video 🙂 can you also do an updated visit to the trichologist to see you hair growth progress

loveneverfails310 says:

how often are you trimming your hair? does it tangle easy, or is it fragile? do you see new hair growth from the scalp? does it seem like its growing in length at all. do you do anything to increase growth?

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