Mild Eczema Set DIY -Part 3 (Starfruit, Mango & Strawberry Lotion)

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Hi all and good day. Today we will be showing you the recipe for our Soothing Lotion for eczema.

Our Soothing Lotion is made to relieve itching and irritation caused by eczema. The lotion has a jojoba lotion base. J

ojoba is rich with vitamin E which is important to hydrate and retain moisture in skin. Jojoba also fights against decolorisation of the skin caused by eczema.

The strawberry extract and calamine powder in the lotion soothes and calms the skin.

Mango butter and rosehip oil are great moisturizers which keep the skin tight and firm.

These are important ingredients because with eczema, it is necessary to keep moisturized at all times. The next ingredient differentiates our product from the rest as it has many benefits.

Basil sage mint oil is an essential oil, which is highly effective to combat eczema. The combined effect has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps clear scars on the skin, as well as keeps the skin refreshed at all times.

The Soothing Lotion uses star fruit and mango fragrance oils, which will give you a nice and refreshing smell, making this lotion a sure treat for you.
Ingredients: (makes 200g Body Lotion)

190g SoapLab’s Jojoba Lotion Base
1g Strawberry Extract
2g Calamine Powder
1g Rose Hip Oil
3g Mango Butter
1g Basil, Sage & Mint Essential Oil
2g Starfruit & Mango Fragrance Oil
1g Glycerin
0.5g Neon Pink Colour Pigment
1.5g Titanium Dioxide Colour Pigment
Rubbing Alcohol
Storage Container

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