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What is your worst case scenario for eczema?
Mine has gone from a low to a high state, during which I was in physical pain, coulnd’t stretch my arms and legs completely because the skin was too dry, to the point I could not sleep!

None of this is happening though, since I turned vegan!

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Magdalene Ryderfera says:

I was not able to address the skin rash on my right hand during the last 6 month together with terrible skin rashes. Yet right after trying to make use of this eczema guide “Kemcοzο Mυz” (Gοοgle it) that was proposed with a colleague of mine, final results were exceptional. A few weeks had gone and the breakouts had been faded too. .

M0l X says:

I have really bad eczema , it’s only on my hands though so it’s no where near as bad as full body but it’s got to the point where it hurts to move one of my hands and it bleeds, I’ve got a steroid cream from the doctors but I just really don’t think it is doing anything 😢

GabbyxSora Love says:

My entire body is eczema and to the point i dont even think its that anymore its everywhere it wont go away no matter what i try the only way it subsides a little is if i cut my fingernails nub short. its frustrating, i have dozens of dry patches all over everywhere and scabs and open wounds cant even open my arms fully bc the skin splits and cracks my neck flakes and the dead skin is everywhere on my clothing or floor anywhere and my eyelids are visible always and theyre soooo dry and flakey and peel and hurt its so sad my forehead also peels.

Cassidy C says:

I discovered this eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it) two winters ago when I was suffering from a particularly bad eczema outbreak on my hands and wrists. My hands were enduring dryness, itchiness, and also redness. This guide is a useful one. The guide saved me from the trouble of strapping ice packs to my hands. I would say give it a shot.

Dylan Y says:

I have been an eczema patient for quite a while; the crooks of my elbows as well as legs have a couple of red patches. The impacted areas were flaking a bit the first couple of days. I tried this eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it), the redness vanished. On the 4th day, I discover that my cheek doesn`t have any flakiness and also the area has completely cured.

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