How to get rid of eczema on face

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How to get rid of eczema on face

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Having Eczema on your face is very embarrassing and not glamorous by any means. The reason why you get Eczema on your face is typically from external stress and high histamine foods.

However, this is not a quick fix for your Eczema like many people on youtube are talking about. The root cause of your Eczema is much deeper.

You must adopt a lifestyle that allows you to bring down your stress levels and the amount of stress that is inflicted by foods and environmental triggers.

Stress management is huge if you want to eliminate eczema from your face!

Things like:
Breathing drills – WIM HOF or Tony Robbins breathing drills
Meditation – guided meditation like the Headspace application
Journaling – writing down your thoughts, ideas, goals, desires

These habits are always thought of as after thoughts and nobody really follows through with them. However, they are very powerful for dealing with your life stressors.

Eliminating histamine rich foods will help with face eczema too! Think about the mornings you woke up with a pimple or skin eruption and it was usually from the foods and drinks you ate the previous night!

Any skin condition or blemish is a direct response from inflammation in your body telling you something isn’t right.

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