Before and after pics – eczema update. Healing eczema.

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PLEASE help me in sharing this video!! If you know of anyone who suffers from eczema please let them know they can heal!! Thank you!

Eczema update. Before and after pictures. You can see past videos here

And see more of her journey over on the blog here


Mel Channel says:

I used to be enduring skin rashes ever since I was an adolescent and right after above 20 years, I wasn`t able to treat this specific health problem. Even I’ve conferred with quite a few health professionals to checked out what I have got, the thing is still appear. My final choice was to attempt eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). In a month of utilizing the guide, my ailment had better and never ever got this eczema once more for a long time by now. .

Michael Dean says:

Thanks so much for your presentation. You seem like a decent person and grateful for the improvement of your condition. I'm sure everyone is very happy for you. I'm going through the same, though slightly worse. I was just prescribed (and currently on ) a drug called Dupixent. It's suppose an internal approach with objective of attacking the actual cause. Bless you and continue to heal.

Jason Ong says:

Just out of curiosity, does going to the beach good or bad for people with eczema?

Caronia says:

Im really battling if i should eat animal product like i know its normal to break out when u just start to detox but its so hard to think if its related to my eczema and psoraisis

Sandeiro Sondigo says:

Lovely Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you heard the talk about – Franaar Alive Skin Formula (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for beating eczema minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my old buddy Taylor at last got astronomical results with it.

dave blue says:

iv done the fruitarian diet but it never worked also just eating green vegetables and still my ezema kept spreading but when I added chicken into my diet and bone broth it seemed to start to heal, I surpose everyones different and heals with on different diets.

F San Jose says:

I appreciate you!! IHave the same spots it’s hurting and itching at the same time

Vanessa says:

To anyone who may read this who has eczema that is really bad just know that you will heal with time. Keep your head up and know that you are not alone. People love you regardless of what you look like. I know its really hard right now but fight through it. I love you. you are strong and you are so beautiful,, you are so so beautiful .. look at how you are changing on the inside you will  gain so much strength and confidence and love from this struggle when you are healed. and remember  You are the baddest bitch from hell, no-one can mess with you not even eczema. //For me, I have struggled with eczema just like yours, the patches were all over my legs, arms, and neck. I always had a little bit eczema when I was little, but it really started to look like yours from 7th grade-10th grade. as you know, this is one of the hardest points for a teenage girl, and I was in such a bad place. I would wear sweaters and jeans all the time to hide them, and I live in southern California. I was forced to wear shorts for P.E or when the weather was 90+ degrees and it was so hard walking through the halls.. . I went to a dermatologist and got treated with really strong cremes. They eliminated the redness when I was in 10th grade, but what was left were VERY white patches. I am a tan girl so the whiteness would stand out. I am currently a college student and the white on my legs is healing. My skin is just naturally still trying to go back to its original pigment . BUT my arms and neck are all clear. I am so thankful.

Murugadoss G says:

I read a lot of good reviews on the net about how Noboremed Secrets (google search it) can help you cure your skin disease safely. Has anyone tested out this popular skin disease home remedy?

Mostafa Waresuzzaman says:

Is Noboremed Secrets helpful to cure your skin disease naturally? We've learn many good things about Noboremed Secrets (look on google search engine).

bleachherolufi says:

Keep up with your videos, you are truly brave and really nice and I hope all of us who suffer from eczema or eczema marks one day get healed for good. Take care big love

Manda h says:

see your before and after photos made me wanna cry cause i can feel that pain i have had that pain.! and it looks just like mine when i have serve out breaks. :(. <3 im so happy for you that you got it under control. I'm still desperately trying to get mine under control again!. i gotta keep telling myself dont itch it! its not worth it. it will only make it worse not better. But its easier said then done. ! 🙁

Tammy & Morgie at Thentherestwo says:

Thanks for sharing! I can totally relate to your blog/videos as I've done all the same testing and have tried literally EVERYTHING!. I've struggled for 50 yrs with it as it waxed and waned throughout my life, but in '09 my skin went crazy and i had to quit teaching and became more home bound. This time, I suspect a hormonal link. I deal with it mostly on my neck, face, chest and scalp with some on my limbs. It has been mentally exhausting, expensive, emotional taxing and takes all you have to look for that small ounce of hope. I pray for all us that suffer as no one gets it like a fellow sufferer!. I hope to help others, also, by blogging when I'm not itching out of my mind!

Brad Mondo says:

You're so brave for putting yourself out there like that. I'm also suffering with eczema and I have my entire life. I'm at the point where I have no idea what to do about it anymore and it has never been worse. Just trying to stay positive also. Great job with your videos, keep it up!


thanks for sharing. best wishes.

Oudai Alkhalil says:

god bless you and wish ur eczema will never come back again,thanks for the information:)

TheMeowPrince says:

I've had the eye thing agghhh its frustrating I could barely open my eyes also when I go to bed and I try to wake up the next morning I can barely open my eyes I only see a small peek hole and I go to the bathroom to wash my eyelids ahhhh its disgusting

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