I Tried The Cheapest Hair Dye/Color in The Market and THIS HAPPENED! | $ 0.2 or 12 Pesos

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I was cleaning around the house yesterday when I found this on my old bag. The product is Zhanghua ‘Dark Blue’ (A-19).
This is a very cheap product but is it really worth it?

*This is totally not a sponsored video, just to be clear 😅

My main language is Bisaya, one of the many languages in the Philippines. I just thought it would be fun to practice speaking in English since I don’t use this language on my everyday life. Also, so that everyone else can understand what I’m doing on my videos. 🙂

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iambernardo says:

What do you think of the end result of what I did to my hair? 😓

Maxine Montilla says:

ahw dili diay tanan blue noh

Maxine Montilla says:

ahw dili diay tanan blue noh

King Lion TV says:

Nice video😊

Rosalita Gloriane says:

Nagtry ako nyan kaso imbis na kulay violet dapat biglang naging brown. Hahaa

Jia Shun says:

I love it actually <3

Frozen Gaming says:

Do hair colour EXP???

Frozen Gaming says:

Im the first viewer in this video again😊😊😊😊

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