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Hey y’all welcome to my channel if you are new here pls subscribe like comment and share and for those who aren’t new welcome back… today I’ll be showing you 10 food I avoid while curing my eczema


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Rev Koi Koi says:

ok u r doing gud.

Sista DivaDiva says:

These are real advice. You are very right.
You know what, your message came as s p a m

Prince Don222 says:

Very amazing and Good job

Kezzzy Bosi says:

Thank you fir this information

Shez Constance says:

Amazing content ❤

Rachael's World says:

This is a great information. To be honest we need to avoid some food to enable us live a healthy and disease free life

Equally Yoked Treats says:

Great tips! I avoid most of these as well

pretty eva tv says:

Good job, I love this

pretty eva tv says:

Good job, I love this

Romeo . Kom says:

yeah this is nice. lets support and grow.

A Moment With Mimi says:

I struggle with Eczema so will definitely try, thanks for sharing sis

Juliet TV Show says:

good job, i love this

Dheebi Ayangha says:

Here to always support you
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