How To Eat Better And Do Simple Exercises To Lose Weight

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How To Eat Better And Do Simple Exercises To Lose Weight

Everybody knows that taking some form of exercise on a regular basis is an essential part of losing weight. However, there is an important aspect to choosing the type of exercise you wish to use.

That is, you must choose something that you love to do, that you will want to keep doing. Do you hate walking but love tennis? Then play lots of tennis! Hate cycling but love walking? Then walk!

It is quite possible that someone else has had an excellent result by doing a particular activity and suggests that you too will benefit from doing the same thing. But it will be absolutely no use whatever following what that person is doing if you do not have a love for that activity. Taking exercise must be a pleasure you look forward to, not something you dread or that has to be endured.

A strongly recommended way to exercise is doing weights, either at home or at the gym. Before you start that, just make sure the thought of it excites you and that it is something you really will keep doing. A temporary commitment will only bring a temporary result.

Many people are scared that as they build muscle mass they will start to look like Mr Universe. You can be assured that this will only happen if you deliberately set out to achieve this and follow a special regime to cause it which includes a special high calorie diet. Otherwise, the sort of muscle mass you will build will be barely noticeable; in fact it will tone up and enhance the look of your body.

But the good news is, muscle mass burns calories! The more muscle you have, the more you will burn, even while you are sitting doing nothing, and even while you sleep in your bed.

In addition, be as active as you can through the day as every little bit helps. Leave the car at home and walk or cycle for short trips. Use the stairs not the elevator for preference. Go for a short walk at lunch time rather than sit around.

No advice on weight loss can be complete without a few words on what you eat. Almost all takeaway food, all prepared and packaged food, all confectionery, every thing from the bakery, all soft drinks, chippies and all fried food must be avoided.

All of those so called ‘foods’ are extremely bad for your general health, and if your overall health is below par, then weight loss either cannot happen or will be difficult. What constitutes healthy eating is a subject all of its own, but basically instead of eating all this junk food, major on fresh fruit and vegetables. Do more home cooking and get away from convenience meals; the less you cook vegetables the more goodness is left in them, so try whizzing up raw vegetables to add to other dishes; choose fruit for a snack rather than cake or cookies; and limit red meat to two or three times a week. If you do those simple things, you will find you will enjoy more health and weight loss can now occur.

To summarize, find an exercise that you will enjoy and do it regularly, and eat healthier food. Then weight loss is almost inevitable.

J. Duncan McNeill

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