Fat Burning Workout for Beginners to Lose Weight at Home

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Weight loss workout for beginners to burn fat fast at home.

⦿ Calorie Burn: 200 – 350

⦿ Frequency: do the workout 5 times a week

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Consult your doctor before starting these exercises .

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joanna lamprea says:

I was so happy when third-round finished but that was only 10 seconds of happiness cause there was one more round 🙁
good workout tho ty for the sweat lol

Gursharan Kaur says:

Does anyone lost weight from this??

Gursharan Kaur says:

Can we lose inner thigh with this???

nur hanım says:

Amazing thank you very much

Julia Morozova says:

Not a beginner-friendly one…

Gursharan Kaur says:

Hii lumowell can we get tomed arms by this??

MaLuxx says:

This IS NOT a beginners workout!

Gursharan Kaur says:

lumowell this tone my lower body…upper body…though whole body. ..plz tell????

Gursharan Kaur says:

lumowell will these burn every single part of the bidy where fat is stored…plz reply i have been aksing u these things since a week

Gursharan Kaur says:

lumowell pls pls pls pls reply

Gursharan Kaur says:

hii lumowell can you plz tell that can we get rid of fat from all over the body…arms…stomach..waist…saddlebags…thighs..outer and inner thigh…calves..???? plz reply

Gursharan Kaur says:

do we get rid of waist fat these and thigh fat too???

Gursharan Kaur says:

I promise I'll do this excersize until I get rid of fat

Santa Bracero says:

really good , love it

Jims health and muscle says:

Its good to see that there are variations for some of the exercises. I know that not everyone can do certain movements, so great for progression too. 🙂

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