How to Lose Weight Without Exercise at Home in Rabi ul Awal with Secret Ingredients Urdu Hindi

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How to lose weight is the most popular question around us, so in todays video i will share my secret remedy for losing weight with you guys, this weight losing remedy without exercising is made with organic and natural ingredients so you dont have to worry about its effects, because they are natural and authentic.

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I hope you guys like my remedy that i am sharing with you guys today and also use it for some results quick and fast.

Now lets move on to our remedy for losing weight fast and quick, We need simple ingredients for making this remedy which we can find easily at our homes.

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As i showed you in this video you need these ingredients to lose weight quickly and fast, you just have to mix this ingredients into water and boil it for while, after that add our secret ingredient which is Green Tea into it, now your secret remedy for quick weight lose is ready to drink.

How to Drink It AND When:

You have to drink it in the morning empty stomach and at night before sleeping, i hope you guys like my video if yes the hit LIKE and Share so every one can enjoy this remedy to lose their weight fast and quick.

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