5 FAST Home Exercises To Burn Fat & Calories Without Going to the Gym

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No time for the gym? Here are 5 of the best fast easy calorie-burning exercises you can do at home or at work quickly right by your desk or in the kitchen or living room or outside on the road. Squats, lunges, burpees, sprinting, HIIT, lie down and stand up fast as many times as you can for 60 seconds. Teamed with intermittent fasting https://youtu.be/usf4ECBHiyQ and of course eating right https://youtu.be/nRnMTRhroSk this is a potent effective calorie burn you can easily do at home or away from the gym.

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5 home exercises to burn fat & calories without going to gym

Believe it or not, 30 minutes of aerobics, hiking or jogging only burns 200 calories…that’s less than one cup of non fat yogurt! Usually when we think we are burning off lots of calories, we really aren’t. This is why people get fatter and fatter and wonder why.

So what are the best calorie burning exercises we can do at home or the office without going to the gym?

The best one by far is…

(High Intensity Interval Training) is any kind of high intensity exercise where you are pushed to the max, then you recover for a minute, then you do it again. One of the best is sprinting- running as fast as you possibly can- sprint, recover, sprint, recover. Interval training for 20-30 minutes is more effective than running steady for an hour. HIIT raises HGH, raises fat burning, raises testosterone, raises resting metabolism for up to 24 hours after HIIT. When paired with Intermittent fasting , HIIT becomes a even more effective

The bigger the muscles used, the more energy is burned … so the best muscles for burning calories and fat are the legs because they are the biggest muscles. One of the best most straight forward leg exercise is…

SQUATS. Just squat down from a standing position and then back up again without moving your feet. To find out just how powerful these are, try doing 30 squats! You can literally feel the energy your body is burning. Of course you need good knees to do squats. These are great because they require almost no room- you can literally do them right at your work desk.

Another great leg exercise you can do at home is LUNGES. Just walk in really big slow steps while touching your knees to the ground each time. This not only works out your legs but also your butt- this is one of the best exercises to get a firm rear end!

The more muscles you use, the more energy and fat is burned. One of the most famous full body calorie burners is BURPEES- get down and do a pushup, then pull your knees up to your chest, then jump up as high as you can and do it again. I dare you to try 20 of these in a row non stop!

A variation of this is to LIE DOWN and STAND UP as many times as you can in 60 seconds. You will be absolutely worn out within one minute! Do this ten times a day and watch how you feel the next day.

Up next.. how does fat leave the body? Where does it go? You’ll be surprised and knowing this makes all the difference in the world for burning fat.


Gayatri Pati says:

I really love these types of videos

Amresh bhardwaz says:

Any body here in 2019

Walde says:

The way I lost about 50 pounds was to simply calculate my basal metabolic rate, there's plenty of calculators online. Then you just write down everything you eat during the day and calculate the calories, and make sure that you stay below your metabolic rate. As long as your body uses more energy than you eat, you will lose weight. Simple as that. No exercise needed necessarily although every calorie burned helps, plus you get fit on top of losing weight.

You don't need a fancy diet to lose weight as long as you simply burn more than you eat, but low calorie foods help since you get to eat more which makes you feel less hungry. Eating purely a single cholocate bar as your daily meal would work but you'd feel hungry and in the long term you'd lose out on a lot of nutrients and vitamins, so initially it's okay to eat small amounts of whatever you want and you will naturally start to look for foods with low calories when you realize you could be eating a lot more while still losing weight

I read a lot of stuff online but the simple realization that all you need to do to lose weight is eat less than you burn is really what made me realize how easy it is in the end so maybe it will be helpful for someone else too

sandeep kumar j says:

I can't understood that theory not eating until 4pm.

Raul El Producer says:

The end is creepy because it feels like you said the bye bye voice over of the girl LOL

Islamic Vids says:

Nice Ty to show how burn calories

Prajwal ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ says:

Don't use that cartoon

Billy Babu The Story teller says:

Stride towards your goal.

TheDarkGrenadeX says:

i do 50 squats and 100 push ups to mentain my muscular mass

Real Cricket Fan's Fan Club says:

Loved it😊😊😊😊😊

xxX Xxx says:

I lost weight by cutting down on salt . salt forces your body to store gallons of water and just 1 gallon is 8 lbs . I'm gonna try to lose weight this year and I wanna do it at home! the gym is too expensive and you don't do much there that you can't do at home. SO WHY NOT! LETS ALL DO THIS TOGETHER! TAKE MY HAND!

Vegan Raw View says:

Love this! Thanks

sta8ise says:

Burpees works best for me. And I have added some diffculty to it.
I do burpees holding a 5kg dumbbell to each hand, all the time during the HIIT.
That is exhausting…

bhumishuta lodh says:

Upload a video on leg exercise because my legs are heavier than my upper body.plz plz plz…

Denis Ng says:

Upping my squats and trying out the lunges! Hope my knees can take it and I don't fall!

WhoWouldWantThisName says:

In the army we had a thing called `Front, Back, Go'. Back was just lying flat on your back. Go was running in place. Front was essentially assuming a crouched position similar to a football player lined up waiting for the ball to be moved. Anyway the way it worked was someone leading the group (drill Sergeant, squad leader, etc.) would call out a position randomly and you would just barely get there (as fast as possible) when they would call out another position. You were constantly changing from one to another and it was a highly aerobic activity. You would also have bruises all over the next day, but that's besides the point. I heard this was originally a football training exercise, (American Football sorry). We hated it and it was also used often as a disciplinary measure. I think those last two points are evidence of how effective it was, lol. We had a bunch of other stuff like that which would "break you off" as we would say, in a short amount of time.

Oh yeah, we also saw more and more of this HIIT approach work it's way into training. Longer, endurance runs started getting modified with short periods of all out sprinting. Haul ass, then go to a jog until everyone get's re-grouped. After a while sprint again, lather, rinse, repeat. We didn't realize it was best for burning fat. We just knew it was great at getting you in shape fast and increasing your run speed.

These days I don't run, but I love the `Iron Mike Lunges'.

Mehdi Cris says:

thanks for this informations👍👍

Jyoti Rani says:

markus u r awsm
love from india ❤

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Thank You dearest sweetie💐
Stay Blissful Eternally 🙏😇🕉💖

francis F says:

how about Jesus mping rope?

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