How To Lose Weight Fast For Kids At Home!

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How To Lose Weight Fast For Kids At Home!
Losing weight fast for kids it’s pretty simple when you know how to go about it so in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how to lose weight fast for kids this is going to be a great work out for teens adults and kids of any age thank you so much for watching let’s jump right into the tutorial

step 1 20 jumping jacks proper jumping jacks are pretty simple to do the higher you go the better and the more energy you are exhausted so that’s the first step and jumping jacks we’re gonna do 10 rounds of 20 jumping jacks,

Next set is going to be 20 mountain climbers to do mountain climbers correctly you’re going to bring your foot all the way up to your hand. Now we’re going to do 10 V ups via ups are properly done When your hands touch your toes like I said who’s worked out is just help the kids teens and adults lose weight fast and it’s a really safe work out it doesn’t involve any equipment either so it’s very nice.

We’re going to do 10 rounds and that’s the work out.
Keep in mind losing weight is not all exercise it’s 80% nutrition do you want to make sure you’re eating right and eating healthy will probably have some more how to lose weight videos for kids teens and adults but for now this is it stay tuned for more as always God bless have a great rest of your day God bless.
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How To Lose Weight Fast For Kids At Home!


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