How to Lose Belly Fat for Men FAST At Home(How to Lose Weight Fast for Men&How to Stop Binge Eating)

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Victor Marques says:

amazing vid man. BUT… cr7 is a better player than messi. i wholeheartedly believe its more of an opinion however CR has achieved the highest level of ability everywhere. in england, in spain, and now he won a en euro. showed the world that not only is he a player, but a hell of a captain (which really motivated the shit out of me).
I admire the physique he has, tall, strong, fast. He jumps higher than an average NBA player, and runs as fast as a professional sprinter. Messi is great but in order to surpass CR he will have to show the world his professionalism elsewhere, in another league around players other than barcelona's.

ProjectSurvivor165 says:

Great video man I think it's very good and true

Shreejith Nair says:

Great! 👍

71NO says:

Ur getting bigger every video!!!

Barry Mclaughlin says:

mike Tyson is the greatest footballer of all time

Dylan Santiago says:

Saeed you're a beast bro

The Riddler says:

Ibrahimovic is the best footballer

Joe Lando says:

Who do you think is better, Messi or Pelé, i think Messi is!

The Ripped Bros says:

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Adolf Hitler says:

oh and can you tell me how much calories are in boogers? im totally serious but you dont need to answer if you dont want to becuse i know its stupid but i was just wondering

Adolf Hitler says:

i like you ! you are cool ! i have subscribed to you! but can you tell me how to get ripped like bruce lee?

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