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Ready to INCINERATE that belly fat? Lucky for you, you’ve found one of the MOST effective home fat burning workouts on the internet! This cardio workout will be pushing you to lose weight with cardio and plyometric exercises strung together in 1 KILLER HIIT workout.

Perform the workout 2-3x for maximum results:
• 20x Body Weight Squats
• 30x Butt Kickers
• 10x Hit-Its
• 16x Raised Plank Knee Touches
• 10x Plyo Jumps
• 16x (2 Jumping Jacks + kick)
• 8x Star Jumps
• 8x Body Walkouts

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BarbarianBody says:

How many rounds we're you able to do?

Aabid Ahmed says:

Bro this one is Tough ✌

Gregery Latta-au says:

I did one of ur brutal hitt 15 min video plus this then some ab isolating workouts ur all videos are awesome keep up the good work…this is coming from Hawaii

MexicanGaming 69 says:

More please

BigBen says:

when i work out im usually in my room doing workouts and i live on the second floor of my house so say if i jump im going to make noise and then I will get yelled at. can you tell me where to get those mats that are on the ground so i could buy them please.

Muttley says:

Happy Christmas Freddy, thanks for all your great help.

Lahiru Fernando says:

Hey guys!! I found this program to loose weight within 15 hours.. with amazing offers.. here's the link..

JA C says:

0 round at the moment… christmas is laziness. 😂 thanks for the vids

Ricardo Ribeiro says:

Why did you take of your hair chest? 😢

chemical panthers says:

Starting doing your programs and getting good results so I thank you so so much dude

Papa Love says:

No No Boo Put that hair back on your chest you look Sexier with it on Hello!!! Anyways can you send Popie. Link on make a Fabulous Ass, Popie needs to Look Hot for the Boy's so they'll take a second Look Woop Woop Thanks Bubble


I did it 3 times!!!
Great video !!!

I124yourmum today says:

I'm 5foot6 and 59kg how much more fat do I have to loose to see my abs

em1ownerify says:

Also DESPERATELY need calve workouts. My upper body is getting so toned and my thighs look like tanks but my calves are like sticks

em1ownerify says:

You taking viewer pics of before and after? Because I’m getting fucking shredded man! I love it! Busting ass and using these videos

BarbarianBody says:

New home fat burning program (no equipment) launches soon!! Link in bio to check it out 🙂

alok mishra says:

Can it be used as warmup?

Raj Vishwa says:

Awesome Bro👍 I m going to do for sure💪💪💪💪💪

Debmalya Dasgupta says:

Nice video. And you are looking dashing 😄

Sahil Tomar says:

this one is Lit than older ones also

Lene Jay says:

What an awesome sequence!! 🤗 Will give these a go. BTW getting close to 100k subscribers dude!! 🤘😚

vedant bhusari says:

Can u record Ur full workout split video for the week? Including cardio, home workout, In the gym etc etc! Thanks for the video brother and wish u an early happy christmas

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