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Stop making yourself miserable by eating salad and vegetables all the time and forcing yourself to lose weight the hard way!! There is an easier way to lose weight and burn fat and this is it! All you need to do is find out how many calories and macronutrients you should be eating per day to lose weight, and with that information, you can tailor every single one of your meals to your liking! The rule is, “if it fits your macros, then eat it!” Watch the full free training video now to reveal the secrets of the easiest diet to lose weight!

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Zackery Bradshaw says:

I had been very thrilled to try this diet plan “fetching tuti space” (Google it). My buddy shed eleven lbs on this plan. After 3 weeks of adhering to it, I was able to drop twelve pounds. I truly haven`t changed my lifestyle much. I have become mindful of just how much fat I was consuming and simply consume less of it..

Ayesha Habib says:

Loved this vdo! Thumbs up for making it so easy!

Abdulaziz Sobh says:

7 Dieting Tips For Losing Half A Kilogram Of Weight Per Day:

Solid Spike says:

U look like dinesh chandimal

gh0st says:

I eat like 1500 calories (snacks and indulgences included) by fasting. No breakfast really lets me be able to eat what i want whenever i want :^)

Master Oogway says:

I appreciate your hand gestures

WiseEyes says:

This is the best video by far. So informative

kody hames says:

the hodge twins fast 16 to 24 hours a day with a 4 to 8 hour eating window and their built af. i think ill take their advice.

Steven Westfall says:

Your hands have to stop

Doina Neculcea says:

Are these calculations for men only? Because when I did it, I got less than 1200. And that seems kind of low

Matt M says:

30-50% carbs is a lot. For 2,000 calories/day that's 150g-250g of carbs/day…Unless you're doing very high intensity anaerobic workouts 5 days/week…that'd be a lot of glycogen stores.

Purin-Chan AnimeFreak says:

I eat 500 calories a day and stay my weight T-T Dat's just…not fair. xd If I eat a.e. 700 calories a day I sometimes gain or stay my weight.

阴道美国人 says:

Iam trying water fasting but we after a week not even lost 1kg

sandeep dixena fun says:

Stop ur background sound

Zenlights says:

I eat under 1k calories a day and I still gain weight.

Pig in a Box says:

Too much math for me 😂

Dayna Normani says:

So 1300 calories a day.

John Ramos says:

Mann thanks alot you explained it very clear great video

마마무Fīfty Shades Øf Møønbyul says:

I eat 900-800 is this less you know I'm not really hungry and I'm eating only healthy food

Florence Smith says:

I onpy eat 700 calories a day

fullfool faul says:

Im at my 6th day of 1,208 calorie diet pair with 1,000 burn calories exercise per day and IF. Need to lose weight in 20 weeks.

XXX MAN says:

Andre Eithier⚾ ???

Roa Zidar says:

My daily intake is 930..😶

Fernando Santana says:

Can some one explain cuz I'm kinda slow so ur telling me I have burn 500 a day to lose s pound in a week

Trent Hebert says:

I’m supposed to eat 930 calories per day lol

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