Lose belly fat in 1 week at home for men in Tamil

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Lose belly fat in Tamil – Is it really possible to lose that annoying belly fat in seven days (1 week) at home for men.

More ways to quickly have a flat stomach without exercise …

1. Diuretics include these foods to your diet to dispossess excess water weight.
2. Use supplements like Beano or Phazyme so that you remove the gas and bloating.
3. Use anti-swelling food and drinks to have a flatter stomach as tea Fennel , Herbal Tea Yerbabuena , Chamomile tea , Ginger, pineapple, parsley and probiotic yogurts containing (beneficial bacteria) to reduce abdominal distention.
4. Taken with each meal digestive enzymes such as lipase, peptidase and / or amylase to delete swelling – Digestive Enzymes Essential Source Naturals It is a good supplement to help you eliminate swelling.
5. You can immerse yourself in a tub of warm water for 15 minutes to help remove excess water weight, and broil to have a flatter stomach, and / or …
6. You can use a sauna or steam room for 15 minutes makes you sweat to remove excess water weight. And of course…
7.You can make very hard exercise to sweat out the excess water weight, reduce swelling and burn belly fat. This is the fastest way to get a flat stomach, but … because this article is entitled “How to have a flat stomach in a week without exercise …” do not have to do that.

Other ways to prevent swelling and maintain a flat stomach …
Women: They can take calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin E to prevent or eliminate any swelling caused by premenstrual syndrome.

Do not eat too much coffee and chocolate if you want to have a flat stomach because these can exacerbate the digestive tract making have a distended abdomen.

Do not drink too much alcohol because … Your stomach may remain swollen for several days after consuming too much alcohol.

Some birth control pills or birth control can cause abdominal swelling for several reasons, then … You must visit your doctor and ask about the use of alternative medications that do not cause any swelling.

Although consuming fiber can accelerate your weight loss ( see here fast tip # 6 to lose weight ) – you should gradually add more and more fiber to your diet until your body can adjust the extra fiber you’re eating because …

If you eat too much fiber the beginning (like going to consume 5 grams of fiber to 30 grams of fiber a day) can cause a lot of gas and inflation.

Lose belly fat in 1 week at home for men in Tamil.
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