How To Lose Back Fat For Men (2 Simple Steps!)

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How to lose back fat for men – So you want to figure out how to to lose back fat for men. This video will show you how. It can be a struggle, how to lose back fat men. But in this video I’ll show how to lose back fat for men. So if you’re ready to get started, let’s jump in.

First thing’s first when it comes to learning how to lose back fat for men…


If you want to crack the code on how to lose back fat, you must have a diet plan to lose back fat. Or what is known as eating at a caloric deficit. Now when it comes to figuring out your macros for how to lose back fat for men you can either consume low amounts of calories or you can perform lower back fat workout for men at the gym so you can also increase calorie burn and speed up your metabolism. To lose back fat fast you’ve got to be in a caloric deficit. And when you partner that with the exercises to lose back fat for men then you’ll only speed up results. So that’s my first tip when it comes to how to lose back fat for men. However, if you want to go one step further with how to lose back fat men then let’s talk about the kinds of foods to eat…

In my opinion when trying to figure out how to lose back fat for men you want to not only eat at a caloric deficit but also eat nutrient dense foods like lean protein, gluten free carbs and healthy fats. As men, that’s the best kind of diet plan to lose back fat when teamed up with a caloric deficit. Again, you combine that with the exercises to lose back fat at gym that are in this lose back fat for men video and you’ll lose back fat fast and have the confidence you want to take your shirt off. Okay so now that we’ve talked about how to lose back fat for men using nutrition, let’s get to the next step here which is how to reduce back fat for men with back fat exercises for men. These are…


With your diet plan to lose back fat in place let’s add the next element for how to recuse back fat for male. And that is to add in a back fat workout for men. One of the best back fat exercises for men is the deadlift. Now to lose back fat you can’t actually target that area. However, you can strengthen and tone the muscle in that area with the right back fat exercises for men. And what better exercise when trying to figure out how to shrink back fat than the deadlift. Not only is it a great lower back workout for men, it’s also great for increasing testosterone levels, growth hormone, and your metabolism. So when adding in tactics with how to lose back fat for men you want to combine this diet plan to lose back fat long with this exercise which I think is one of the best exercises to lose back fat for men. Okay so there’s one more exercise when figuring out how to reduce back fat for male which is…

-back hyperextension-

This is another one of those back fat exercises for men to lose back fat for men. This one uses only your body weight. Or you can use weights if you like. Its a great one of the exercises to lose back fat at gym. So if you’re trying to figure out how to lose back fat for men be sure to combine this back fat workout for men along with the lose back fat for men nutrition strategies I shared with you at the beginning of the video.

Again, when trying to figure out how to lose back fat men you can’t spot reduce. However, when figuring how to lose back fat you want to make sure you’re eating at a caloric deficit. Combine it with these exercises to lose back fat for men and you’ll strengthen and tone the muscle of your back giving you the harder, leaner, more dense look that you are likely going for. So there you have it. If you wanted to crack the code on how to lose back fat with your diet or how to lose back fat at gym, this video lays it all out.

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Live Anabolic says:

As men, this is one of the HARDEST places to lose fat…

The lower back…

For many, it's the first place fat piles on and is one of the last places the fat comes off.

So in this video I'll give you 2 tips…

And a couple of exercises to harden up that area on your physique and eliminate stubborn low back fat! Comment below and let me know what you think!

eddie slow says:

If you make a video why don't you do it in a quiet place…..?!

Matthias Locker says:

Definitely my last area of stubborn fat after having reached a very flat stomach. Great and very clear video, many thanks!

Roger & Kandy Torrez says:

What r u jamin bro 😁

Carlos Gandara says:

What’s up dude, how does the tricom concept work ?

David Philips says:

Dude.. Neti Nasal Douche with warm salty water… google it. Clears up sinus infections in no time. Drug free. Thousands of years old remedy and works a treat.

David Philips says:

For a skinny dude who finds it really hard to put any muscle/weight on, being in a caloric deficit just means wasting away. Yet I still have a bit of lower back love handles. So… what is carb cycling? Maybe that can help? Please do a vid about that. Thanks Gary

David Holzman says:

Good video, appreciate it and no problem understanding you. Is that the Cap Hex bar? I really want to get a Hex bar but the Rogue is too $$$

4 4 says:

hi garry. i get terrible sinusitus too, i know what your going through. ive been waiting to get back into training for a while myself. Dont want to be a smart ass but i recognise those trainers which i used to wear about 10 years ago. They are the worst trainer you could wear weight training. Do you wear a hard flat sole when squating, dead lifting etc. Theres too much movement in the heal area of those trainers. Anyway, keep the vids going, much appreciated and full recovery. 👍🇺🇸

Dano Pierce says:

Saddle bags are hard to lose. I've got them but not very big but big enough to annoy me. I do dead lifts and can do hyperextensions using the exercise ball. I just have to hook my feet around something sturdy. The real way to get rid of them is caloric deficit and cut out all crap foods: processed food, sweets, pastries, BREAD, and crackers. Basically eliminate bread and sweets (sugars) and eat nutrient dense foods that are lower in fat and calories and high in proteins. I am working the RA 40 Program and I am going for a caloric deficit at the onset, but still getting enough food to sustain my workouts. Day 19- no bread, no crackers, no processed food, no bagels, no tortia chips which I love. NO crap food! That's hoe you can lose those extra hard fat areas. Also when you take a shower each day, after your regular soap and rinse, go cold, all the way and shower in the cold water, go for 30 slow deep breaths and work up to more a minute or more. This will trigger you body metabolism to burn fat and raise T levels. I have been doing this and other cold exposures for a few months and gradually build up my endurance to cold. You might want to check the Wim Hoof Method. Be well, work out hard and smart.

Dintyboy Colbeck says:

I almost disliked due to the title. For a second I thought you were saying you can target fat loss. Lucky I watched the full video!

Cinar Gey says:

Hey Brother. I am 43. At our ages, our aim is to be maintain our already have muscle mass or can we build more muscle? Because Everytime I try to build more muscle, I get way too tired and drained, I feel exhausted for 2 days.

Sjaak Visser says:

Do you have alternatives if the gym does not have a trap bar and not a hyperextension machine ?

Matthew Kuntz says:

Thanks for all the awesome videos. I ran across your channel a few weeks ago and have already started to incorporate many of your suggestions in my workouts. Lots of great workouts for those of us over 40! Thanks!!!

Orrin Moose says:

Awesome video that's something I have been working on is my lower back and love handles. Do you have a carb cycling video?

LTandDS says:

Man, turn that awful music down. Very distracting. And I like your channel but seriously? Eat less calories than you burn and do deadlifts and hyper-extensions? Who doesn't know this already? Sorry, useless video.

Abbas Alkawiz says:

Thanks coach🌷,I have a question: How to lose body fat without gaining face wrinkles especially when you become older ?

gladiatorscoops says:

Great video! is that Disturbed I hear belting out in the background?

Natbat3 Mrshanaphy5 says:

As at work at moment so going gym Monday and I’m 50 so your advice is key thanks

Javed Smarty says:

Thanks for the information sir.. I like all videos of yours….

Natbat3 Mrshanaphy5 says:

Hi there how many reps on each please

Ainan Ibr says:

Im actually done with u lmao how do always know what im looking for. I swear yesterday in gym I was thinking of working on lower body fat and today u come up with one.

Martin crump says:

Always enjoy watching your videos.
Full of information!

Amit Faujdar says:

Sir can you please me how to trained hamstring without weights…

willy o says:

I do 40% carb, 40% fat and 20% protein for my macronutrients 2000 calories in total with intermittent fasting,8 hour eating window

Carlos Gandara says:

But, you gotta get healthy in order to lose weight!!!!

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