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Hello everyone up with my new video to help my lovely viewers to workout at home ..Here are some easy exercises to lose weight at home & get the results together .
This workout plan is very effective and has been tried and tested on my 1000s of students everyday so i hope you will find it useful as well .

If you find it useful dont forget to

Also Comment below if you have any Questions regarding weight loss Or healthy Lifestyle Or Mail Me


Until Next time
Stay Happy Stay Fit
Somya 🙂

Somya Luhadia is a certified Zumba instructor from ZUMBA LLC, CALIFORNIA ,& proud member of International Council of Dance , UNESCO.All the information provided on this channel will be true & experimented with 1000s women & girls everyday along with being based on in Depth research & studies .


The Glow Girl Tales says:

Lets do it together 😊👍🏻
Tell me if you have any questions
Do share everyday when you workout 😊
So that i come to know that you are working out with me 😊😊♥️

Papia Sarkar says:

Is it ok to do all that exercise if i have knee pain… Kindly suggest


I love you now after watching you. Best YouTuber on fitness. Please continue the series so that we can follow. Also please start Zumba tutorial. We are extremely overweight people and Zumba would be more fun. Please please

Ansila Faisal says:

Mam.. please make a video on how to reduce upper body fat.. like chest,upper back .. pls reply…

bharghavy sekar says:

Hi mam I did these exercises today and I felt dizziness n vomiting like. Do you have any tips to help out from those? Pls suggest me.

cuty shifa says:

Mujhe apna 5 kg loss krna h main morning mei 1 hours walk krti hu fir weight loss k liye jitne bhi yoga hota h 100 time se jada krti hu fir sham mei halka warm up krke apki jo bhi exercise h wo krti h aur pure din warm water hi leti hu aur diet pr bhi dhayan deti hu mera 5 kg kab tak loss ho skta h ?

sandya rani says:

Chest exercises at home. Can u pls upload it

shivan k says:

This is my #Day2 for this workout…and I sweat a lot…initially I thought that this easy but when I repeated the sets for 3 times…it was amazing…most importantly it was easy and fun to do ..this will help me for long term hopefully…tysm😘 and your going to upload new workout on nxt week right? I'm waiting 😊

Sahana Jagadish says:

Before working what should we eat

Dhivya V says:

Does 30sec/time (15Rep each side) means within 30 sec we need to finish 15 repetitions??

saba Ali says:

Apki age kaya hy.??

Ganesh Bankar says:

Very nice mam…..thanks

Deepika Panigrahi says:

Hey. .what kind of juice I should drink before exercise ??because it's been 3months of my workout and still getting tired at every 5minutes..it's like I need more energy.

Shital Karki says:

I want to loose 15 kg and can I loose from this exercise??

Dhanalakshmi Rajakumar says:

While exercising , is there any compulsory to wear shoe ?

radha goyal says:

Hey your weight loss journey is really very inspiring. I also want to lose my weight..But ofcourse i have to do lost of hard work and lost of sacrifices like you did.
I have few questions like you are right that we should have our dinner as early as possible but due to office person, it is not possible to have it early..
Please tell me what is the solution for this. Few months ago, i skip to eat heavy food in dinner or you can say replace with fruits nd salad and it was really worked. But i was not able to continue it.
Nd pls share some excercises to reduce breast size and for evening workout..

Shilpi Mondal says:

Plllzzz share ur zumba dance work out video for us pllzz.u such a pretty girl.

Navjot Sandhu says:

veg diet plan

Navjot Sandhu says:

plzzzz full day diet plan plzzzzzzzzz

Saumya Singh says:

Hey saumya..
I am too ur subscriber… I am 55kgs right now…. But no so slim that i look best in my dresses….
N i love eating a lot… N i feel that every time i. Eat… I think i get fatter… Will ur workouts make me slim like u…. 😊😘?

Pallavi Jaiswal says:

thank-you so much for this video…..I watched all the videos….it really motivate me towards healthy goals….your journey is interesting and from now I decided to follow all this exercises ,once again thank you so much…don't know why but I relate so many things same as you….and I want from you to suggest me some affordable protein shake..can you please suggest me some protein shake available in the market

Rutu Huddar says:

Can you upload your everyday workout plan???…..
Because I am struggling from 4 months to loose weight…Your videos really motivates me..

Jaya Priya says:

hi mam just now watching your video . very nice & super . then I am one year completed of cesarean.twins baby. I can do this excerise mam . my stomach very big still date.my age 29 , weight is 72 .before pregnancy I am weight 55.now I am extra weight is 17. please help me ma . please reply mam.

gamw youtube says:

Nice video sis

Ammara Nauman says:

The Glow Girl Tales plxxx make an exercise video on back neck fat or hunch it looks so bad in T shirts😭😭😭

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