Obese Teenagers Who Lose Weight at Risk for Developing Eating Disorders

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Leslie Sim, Ph.D., L.P., a Mayo Clinic psychologist, describes a study finding obese teenagers who lose weight are at risk of developing eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Eating disorders among these patients are also not being adequately detected because the weight loss is seen as positive by providers and family members.


MariaSenpai MSP says:

If I become anorexic, blame my mother

rachel scott says:

Thanks BCBSTX for telling me twice that my Blue Advantage HMO covers bariatric surgery but then when I want to use the coverage you say you don’t cover it I’m not waiting until next year to resign up for this it has happened to me twice already. BCBSTX Only covers if it’s not related to obesity or weight loss but bariatric surgery induces weight loss. I’m completely done as of 514 pounds age 30 I’m starving myself and I’m not going to stop until I’m at a healthy weight.

yvng jojo says:

I used to be fat and every body used to say stop eating that stuff now that I'm 139lbs now they say I'm too skinny 😂


TRIGGER WARNING, comment section is full of anorexics stating how long they haven't eaten for.

Eddy X says:

I just dont like eating anymore after losing all the weight it makes me feel fat every time I eat.

Tiff9721 Sarianti says:

Been there and even now in my twenties , I'm still trying to gain confidence in myself. Tryna be optimistic about how else but in a save way to lose weight

treife le says:

Wow my mind set my body is scary because I used to be slightly over weight and I started off weighing 117lbs at first. I gained a lot of weight when I was nearly ending my sophomore year and I weighed 105 or 106 starting my sophomore year of high school. Right now I'm in college as a freshman and I weigh 90 something lbs. If you wonder how tall I am, I am 4'9. I don't see myself as thin even I know I am and I used to be made fun off for being fat. That hurt my self esteem and since I got notices for my weight loss so why bother stopping it. I still want to keep going with weight loss.

Chloe xoxo says:

I wish I could loose weight

K I W I says:

I haven’t eaten for two months… I thought this was just a form of weight loss

xue wei says:

Wow this doctor is so beautiful 😍

Why Pie says:

I was 200 pounds at 14 in one year I got down to 130, but wanted to be more thin so I kept eating like 900 calories a day, eventually I lost my sex drive, felt like a sociopath and lost a lot of muscle

Hi Joon says:

Why she gotta snitch on us?

Lisa TheBunny says:

In some few months back in our school there was a woman who was picking up one at a time from a student to talk with, what their height is and there weight is. After it was my turn, she started to see what my height was and then my weight. After school i showed the paper to my Big sister and my mother, that the woman gave me, and they we’re both a bit shocked, when they saw how much my weight was, and it was 55 kg, i didn’t know that it was a lot back then, so of course i got a bit upset about that, so i ate healthy of course and exercised a little, but not to much “yet”.
After a bit some time i would start to do a 22 minute extreme workout everyday, and would start to go “vegetarian”.

I would also start to have smaller portions of my meals, and instead did another workout 2-3 Times of the entire workout for 4-5 times a week.
I would mostly skip a meal if i was upset with something, and would always argue with my parents.
From that on my weight dropped to 41 kg.
I am currently to this day recovering from my eating disorder + i have to go visit the hospital every week, until my blood pressure goes up normal and is approved by them from the hospital :3 my support is also my mom and my sister.

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