How To Get Your Hips In Shape?(Hindi) // हिप्स की चर्बी कैसे करे कम? //आकर्षित BUTTS

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How To Get Your Hips In Shape? //हिप्स की चर्बी कैसे करे कम? //आकर्षित BUTTS
I have mentioned 4 exercises to which will tone up your hips/ butt/glutes and get sexy body. (workout/ exercise/moves)
EXERCISE 1 : DONKEY KICK 15 reps X 3set

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In my upcoming videos, I will be telling about excise for targeted body parts and whole body workouts.

You are free to ask questions and make my work easy. I will try to make videos accordingly.
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tanya shuklatanyashuk says:

Mama ye side fat mai bhi benifit dega plss

Sonali Singh says:

3 sets ek hi baar me karna h

Luios luios says:

Quality video………………….👉🇮🇳👈
good job…………🇨🇦👌👈

Urmila Devi says:

Nice video

Vicky zone says:

Ish exercise se hips bhadte haina ya kam karne ke liye ha ye exercise

akshita gupta says:

Are these exercise helpful in reducing butt fat??

Tamanna Sharma says:

I have one Qution on mind tht … should we do workout on ur periods time ? And kon kon se workout kr skte ??

Tamanna Sharma says:

Thanks… To tell us in detail tht do in slow way nt into fast 👍

Vanshika Tiwari says:

Can you please tell something to gain mass over skinny hands 😓

Leena Choksi says:

Hey mukti mam wanna ask u tht i always tk my lunch at 10:30 noon time at 2 o'clock can i have a banana milkshake without sugar ??

Pooja says:

Nice outfit❤

Radhika Dave says:

Meri umr 43 he meri lmbai 5/4 he or mera vajan 73 he me roj apki vidiyo dekhti hu me yoga bhi karti hu pr mera vajan nhi utrta to me kya karu muje btaye plz 🙏

Mukti Gautam says:


Mily Soni says:

Tnx di on my request u made this video😆😅😄

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