Acupressure points for weight gain in hindi home remedies | How to gain weight Acupuncture video

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Watch this video if you are looking – How to gain weight, how to put on weight

Learn how to gain weight fast in an easy way. Many people have questions like – “What can I do to gain weight” well the best way is a home remedy as it doesn’t have any side effects. Easily and fast gain weight with the help of weight gainer sometimes have a side effect which can be avoided with Acupressure Therapy.

This is a very fast way to gain weight if practiced regularly for the needed time line. After stimulating this point you can gain weight quickly.

LIV -8 Name of this point is “shower of irrigation”

If somebody feeling weak and loosing weight after taking his or her full diet then this is the best point to gain weight and being fit and healthy body.

Effect of stimulation

– After the stimulating of this point, its maintain the body fluids, increase weight and tones the muscles and increase metabolism and liver function.

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