10 Minute Abs Workout at Home│Best Abs Workout to Lose Weight Fast For Women

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Here in this video you will find “BEST ABS WORKOUT” to lose weight fast at home. Many women worried about their weight and it is very difficult to lose weight without any exercise. But if they give just 10 minutes and do this 5 “ABS WORKOUT” with yoga ball. It can be very effective and give you a good shape. So do this WORKOUT at least 5 minutes to 10 minutes at home for effective results. After some days this “ABS WORKOUT ROUTINE” bring a good shape of your body.

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Women are always looking for the best that they can work out. Something that will give them the results they want and lose weight. Times have definitely changed and today’s exercise is not just tone and slim your body. There have been many training programs designed to be incredibly basic muscular and cardiovascular workouts that will not only provide an intense workout, but teach the way to lose weight at home easily and instantly. In this video I will show you best method to do workout for abs workout with yoga ball at home. So please like share and subscribe for more videos.

1. At first, lay bent over and hold the yoga ball with hands and throw the ball between the legs. Then the ball will be back through with your feet up. Do this 10 times for better results.

2. Hold the yoga ball with legs and keep it up 90 degree right-angle. And down the ball at a time. Do this abs workout at least 10 times to get better results.

3. Lay bent over the ball with legs and keep your body up with hands. Roll the ball with legs and and bent your body. Next roll the ball back again and straight your body.

4. Put your legs over the ball and roll over with legs and put your hands straight beside your body. For better result do this 10 times in a day.

5. Put your legs over the ball and hold your body with hands. Kick down the ball at least 10 times.

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