How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast -10 Min Abs Workout how to have six pack

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Two Parts:
1 – Building Ab Muscles
Do leg lifts
Do sit ups
Do jackknife sit ups
Try butt-ups
Do static holds (planks)
Find new ways to crunch, bend and twist in your daily life
Train your oblique muscles
Do an ab roller exercise.
Do pull-ups hanging from a horizontal bar
Do push ups
Do Dragon flags
Train your entire core

2 – Losing Fat
Understand what it means to lose weight
Do cardio workouts
Eat smaller meals late at night.
Lift weights
Eat breakfast
Switch out refined grains for whole grains
Get the right amount of sleep
Drink more water every day
Keep metabolism steady
Control your stress

It takes dedication, time and patience to get a six pack. You need to do two things: lose fat and build muscle. You will get this by dieting and exercising consistently. You can have the most toned and muscular abs, but it will not show if there is a layer of fat over them. This article will discuss ways in which you can achieve both of these goals.

How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast -10 Min Abs Workout how to have six pack :

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