10 Day Challenge | 10 MIN Belly Fat Burner | Home Workout to Get a Flat Belly FAST

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This is a 10 minute fat burning workout to BURN BELLY FAT and lose inches at home!
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Hi, workout buddies! Today, I want to challenge you guys to do this quick, 10 minute workout for 10 days straight. It’s going to go by so fast and you will absolutely LOVE the results you get from completing the challenge.

Please take a BEFORE picture before starting so you can fully enjoy the fruits of your effort if you do take on this challenge!


For best results, do this workout along with my FREE 30 Day Flat Belly Program: https://tinyurl.com/lenasnowabs

Watch this video to make the most out of the 30 Day Flat Belly Program: https://youtu.be/GR0apBo28PQ

For Maximum Fat Burn: Do this workout first thing in the morning before breakfast

To Boost Metabolism: Do this workout before lunch or dinner.

Burn Fat/Calories in Your Sleep: Do this workout before bed.

Bonus Points if you end up doing this workout more than once a day!

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Mrs Syah says:

Really love all of your videos lena. Motivated me to start workout AGAIN after a very long pause. Haha (since my second pregnancy around 1 & half year ago. Lols) i'm a pretty busy mom with two daughters. Plus i cannot jump due to my not so severe scoliosis. But yeah. I feel really great doing your workouts , it's been the third month i've been following you and around one month practicing your workouts on and off..hehe. But happily i already lost 2 kg. Thank you so much lena! 🌸💪

0329carito says:

I'm very enthusiastic with this video. I'm doing this workout twice o three times a day. Hope this will give me the results that I want. 🙂

OK, so I did it and I'm very happy with the results almost 3 cm. 😁😁
Thank you so much for your help, I really love your videos @Lena Snow 😉

Ameera Chyy says:

This was good and easy. It was intense and fast

Sakura :* says:

I just finished this workout. I really love it! 💕 I'll do this workout every day and leave comments on how I'm doing and what's changing in my body. I am 172cm and 62kg

Day 1 : The workout was really difficult and I have never been so sweaty. I also done full body and legs workout. (60min). Now my waist 65cm 😃

Day 2 : I feel amazing and sweaty. I did some butt and chest exercises. (60min)

Day 3. I feel tired. I really want summer body, so I did it twice. 😅 Also do some legs and arms workouts. (50min)

Day 4. Friday – REST day

Day 5. It was really hard. 😓Maybe it's because it's the fourth video… Today I trained my back, lower abs, hips.

Day 6. I've done this workout with yourr 30min walk workout. (I change walk into running in place) . I feel great! From tomorrow, I think I will do this workout twice. 💕

Day 7. I've done this workout twice.

Day 8. I am so tired… I've done this workout twice. I also done legs, arms workouts🧘🏻‍♀️.

Larry Whipit says:

Question, do you think its ok for a 10 year old  to do these work outs?

blurry_chan says:

just did this and it was great! i didnt do this with my highest intensity because i havent execised properly in a while so i just started off slowly. even if i did this with quite high intensity it felt great! its not too hard for me (may be different with other people) but if i did this with all my best, i might die lol. and i did stop when i need to like you said in some of your videos ( which was one of DAAAAA best things you said like i really mean it XDD ) i really like your workouts, like most of them are not very hard from the workouts ive seen so far and words ( very encouraging! ) because i really need them honestly
ANND your almost there to 2k subscribers!! just about 100 for subs away!!

Elise O'Neil says:

I hurt my wrist in the past and can't put weight on it when it's bent back for slow mountain climbers. Is there another way of doing it? If I do push ups I have to push my weight on my knuckles with my hands in fists, would it be safe to do the same with the mountain climbers, or do them on my elbows or something?

Lena Snow says:


Tahera Ahmed says:

Yesss watch me lose my fat and look strong as heckk💪💪😏😚

Lamia Amin says:

I liked the video exercise I need her thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️😙

Peter and Yen says:

Yen was just hassling me about my belly fat, then this video came out. This is a sign. I better get going and do this 5 times in a row hahahahaha. Ok for real now I gotta get to it 😀

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