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Lose Butt Fat Workout 10 Day Challenge is the perfect workout YOU need to Get Rid of Fat and Tone Your Butt. Get Fat Burning and do this Lose Butt Fat Home Workout everyday for the next 10 days and see the results!!! Don’t Forget to Subscribe….xxx
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Please read the hints & tips below;
1. Ensure you Warm Up before my workouts I have a choice for you
2. Have a drink of water nearby
3. Ensure the area is clear.
4. Should you have any health concerns, recently had a baby, illness,
or operation please seek permission from your doctor before

The LB Body Co Ltd strongly advises that you consult with your Physician/Doctor before beginning any exercise programme. It is very important that you should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in exercise. You should understand that when taking part in any exercise or exercise programme that there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage/take part in this exercise or exercise programmes, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge The LB Body Co Ltd from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of The LB Body Co Ltd negligence.

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Yakobo Jay says:

Aight Day 1. Day 2

Thinesh Kumar says:

How many times we do this exercise pls reply i Will do each as 20 times it's enough

LayDevinee says:

I want a jiggly round thang 🤪😚 no flat

Dorijan says:

Why are workouts for smaller and for bigger butt same?

Amadea Lika Gwendolyn Banodan says:

Are u mkin this excercise bcuz u have flat butt?? Or just to remove fat butt isnt fat butt sexy

Abdullah Mohammed says:

LB Body Co please answer I was trying to lose thigh fat so I did exercises such as squats, but that made my butt bigger, so I see you also incorporate squats in this routine, will that make it bigger?

ida lotta says:

woow! this was so good workout!🤩

6oci says:

Can you please answer me i will be so thankful if i did it , it will make difference or a little

Jack dawson says:

I even tried dieting and all the things…but someone i usually loss muscles of the body but not fat around my hips

Jack dawson says:

I m a 18 year old male boy…i dont know but my whole body fat stores in my buttock and it looks weird…my upper body looks weak and lower body so chubby full of fat…i tried gym excercise or even water fast but i cant see the results…i m very nervous about this

anjali akhare says:

Maam pls increase presentation for sets and teps pls

anjali akhare says:

Thanks for video. Hope it will be helpful. Please also give some tips to burn butt fat by diet. I m gonna start it from tommorow

All3noud_ says:

i’m doing this challenge !!

day 1 : done ✅
day 2 : done ✅
day 3 : done ✅
day 4 : done ✅
day 5 : done ✅

Tyler Gaines says:

Would this remove your thigs fat as well

The LB Body Co says:

Great Work and Results 💥💥💥💥 guys keep up the challenge. 💪💪💪 Get going on this 10 day challenge. Yass!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Simon Caruana says:

are you sure this doesnt make this bigger?

A Mi Lay says:

Really small butt???

Poland America says:

If it’s not a hassle can you please write out all the exercises and how long?

Poland America says:

Hey I don’t understand when u say to like squeeze ur butt while u doing squats cuz I can’t do it. How am I supposed to it??

Avocado Cube says:


Nsnsb Ndndj says:

Day 1☑️
Day 2☑️
Day 3☑️
Day 4☑️
Day 5☑️
Day 6☑️
Day 7☑️
Day 8☑️
Day 9☑️
Day 10☑️

Ganesh Kalsekar says:

It will surely reduce fat in 10 days….?

Bernadette Niyonkuru says:

can you maby do inner thigh

niga higa says:

Will it reduce the fats of butt for a boy?

Sang Zie says:

I'm in 10 days challenge
my measurement is : 95 cm
day 1 : 30/9 ✔✔
day 2 : 1/10 ✔✔
day 3 : 2/10 ✔✔
day 4 : 3/10✔✔
day 5 : 4/10✔✔
day 6 : 5/10 ✔✔
day 7 : 6/10 ✔✔
day 8 : 7/10✔✔
day 9 : 8/10✔✔
day 10 : 9/10✔✔
Measurement : 93.5 cm
Day 11 : 10/10✔✔
Day 12: 11/10✔✔
Day 13: 12/10✔✔
Day 14: 13/10✔✔
Day 15 :14/10 ✔✔
Day 16: 15/10✔✔
Day 17: 16/10✔✔
Day 18: 17/10✔✔
Day 19: 18/10✔✔
Day 20: 19/10✔✔
New measurement: 90 cm

Nhật Phong Trần says:

Can this be used by ftm madam?

Keerthi Balagadde says:

I saw the same exercise in the other video with the thumbnail "to increase the butt fat"..I'm confused 😑..please help me

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