Best Tips and Workouts to Lose Belly Fat Fast

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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast. In case you dream of a perfectly toned summer body but don’t have the time and will power to spend hours at the gym or cut on your favorite foods, we have good news for you. This selection of our best videos on how to drop a few pounds and get a flat belly in no time will teach you how to transform your body with just one simple exercise, how to slim down in just 4 weeks without significant efforts and exhausting training. You’ll also find out about 6 different types of body fat based on where on the body it is mainly accumulated and learn the most effective ways to make fat disappear for every body type. It’s also possible to change your dress size to a smaller one without exercise whatsoever if you follow 10 simple tips and try 10 home remedies that’ll cost you no money but give you a tons of health benefits.

One Simple Exercise to Lose Back and Belly Fat Fast 0:10
5 Simple Exercises to Get a Flat Belly in 4 Weeks 6:44
6 Types of Body Fat and Hot to Get Rid of It 12:30
10 Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise 22:32
7 Easy Exercises for a Flat Stomach and Small Waist 31:40

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Qiang Chen says:

Youre the best learning youtuber ever!!!!

Mokonachan92 says:

I have tested out countless weight loss plans already but not one of them provided me the final results like I got because of this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) course. I don’t truly feel jittery or feel a crash, I’m also not as starving as I used to. I’ve burn about 15 lbs since making use of this item. .

Norton O'Hara says:

I ate KFC while watching this.
It was a wake up call.
I should've been watching Netflix.

Helided Reyes says:

I was like I can do that ..and then I saw the Left plank ..I have no balance!!

リサ・デニス Lisa Zinser says:

I don’t think breakfast is important, I’m used to eat two times a day now and if eat breakfast I feel wasting time on just eating, and I don’t feel eating at early morning! Wasting time to cook food always

Bessie Staton says:

You are right I can do it but actually it takes effort and time to get started and I must have an honest conversation with my brain to convince me this is what I read to do if it say OK I will be on my way to get going, going, gone to the finish thanks for sharing

Kay k says:

I found that the side plank was most effective for me 😀 i did it before bed and in the morning before starting my day

rose says:

Takes discipline to do this

Beata Julia says:

this should be a person showing exercises, these pictures are not good

B A says:

Thanks a lot for all this wonderful tips 🙏❤️ I am in huge need for this exercises… the eating/food is in full control‼️

Angela Garcia says:

Anybody notice the mistake in 12:00 he said sit-ups 3 times but put 5 times

virgil the queen says:

my body won’t let me eat before noon or else i’ll throw it up… so i just don’t eat breakfast but i eat lunch and dinner

Amber Ross says:

I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks by following this guide: => the2weekdietnow. com <= (Google it) you have to download the guide.

Catherine Carter says:

Thank you!!! Great info.

esme chin says:

Love the chair exercise planking is too difficult for me. I find that fasting and only eating dinner works and at that only drinking soups and cut starches as much as you can – that plus exercise e.g. bollywood dancing really worked for me – lost 3 kg in 4 weeks not good but better than nothing, baby steps

yacu Sevellano says:

the side plank was very difficult..

LettuceBeCool says:


RumChickenBiscuits says:

First part of video and amount of time.
Here ya go <3

Plank Times

1&2- 25 sec
3&4- 30 sec
5- 40 sec
6- Break
7&8- 50 sec
9&10- 1min
11- 90 sec
12- Break
13,14&15- 90 sec
16&17- 2 min
18- 150 sec
19- Break
20&21- 150 sec
22&23- 180 sec
24- 210 sec
25- Break
26- 210 sec
27&28- 240 sec

Lyrics Meaning says:

how much tea do i need to hv on a signal day??? haha.

N3va B4 N3va again says:

I was always told and taught at school that dandelions are highly toxic. WOW times have changed. here is a cut and paste for ya….
In general, dandelion is not toxic when taken in therapeutic amounts. … However, we should consider that dandelion leaves, which can be eaten as a vegetable, are rich in oxalates so, taken in large quantity, can cause damage to the body. Poisoning have also been reported in children from eating dandelion stems.
These people are trying to poison us…

⚉FACE PUBES⚉ says:

I now have abs on my face

Lana Tomash says:

Wow that's amazing

Balvinder Kaur says:

i like the man voice better than the women

Balvinder Kaur says:

really nice video

Michael Thomas Fit says:

follow me for awsome fitness tips!

Jalbeiro68 S says:

Great, I like what you shared, especially the exercises. What I like and what I'm doing ( to improve my results. Thank you

N R says:

This is good for people who have bad knees don't have to get down on the floor.

Ann Abraham says:

Nice video. Lots of information well presented!!

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