No Diet, No Exercise Take This Magical Weight Loss Drink 10Kg Weight Loss in Few Days

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Hello Friends! Today I will tell you about, No Diet, No Exercise Take This Magical Weight Loss Drink 10Kg Weight Loss in 7 days 100% Effective, Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedy.
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There are hundreds of different tried and true methods to reducing unwanted added weight on your body, making it hard to decide which method may be best for you. One thing that can truly help narrow the choices down however is to note that natural methods are often considered to be much healthier than many other potentially dangerous drugs and other methods available. Since taking natural homemade drinks for weight loss is one way that can safely assist weight-loss, it is often recommended to many people who prefer to go without the risks that are brought along with other weight-loss methods. Here are Magical natural homemade fat burner drinks which can easily help burn the fat without much effort. Have these natural drinks to increase weight loss and have an active day! Drinks are easy to make and helps absorb nutrients easily.

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Urwa Chaudhry says:

Effect on tighs plzplZ rey

lory deryc says:

10 kg in 7 days ?? 😲😲 another BIX HOAX, really ! 😣

The Desi chef says:

Is this true

H Loonat says:

you are not showing how to make the drink. just showed the ingredients n told to mix it. incomplete video.

vilko skorlich says:

"The most common misconception by far was that fat is converted to energy," the scientists wrote. "The problem with this theory is that it violates the law of conservation of matter, which all chemical reactions obey."

The law of conversion of matter states that the mass of an object never changes, no matter how the particles rearrange themselves

Other respondents believed fat was converted into muscle, which, they explained, "is impossible."

Another theory was that it leaves the body through the colon, which is also incorrect, according to the duo.
So what's the answer?

"[F]at is converted to carbon dioxide and water," they wrote. "You exhale the carbon dioxide and the water mixes into your circulation until it's lost as urine or sweat.

"If you lose 10kg of fat, precisely 8.4kg comes out through your lungs and the remaining 1.6kg turns into water. In other words, nearly all the weight we lose is exhaled."

They added that while this may surprise people, "almost everything we eat comes back out via the lungs.

"Every carbohydrate you digest and nearly all the fats are converted to carbon dioxide and water."

The same goes for alcohol and protein, apart from a small amount from the latter that is turned into urea and other solids, and excreted as urine.

The scientists pointed out that the only food that arrives at your colon undigested is "dietary fibre," such as sweetcorn. The rest is absorbed into the bloodstream and organs.

"After that, it's not going anywhere until you've vaporised it," they wrote.

Sv Eswarya says:

If No go own hw

Susan Neeley says:

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fadwa musa says:

put some cumin in the drink and trust me u gonna thank me😙

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Georgia Neophytou says:

dont watch this video is full of bs… she said loose weight without exercise and diet on the title and as soon as the video start she talk about exercise and diet. f….. click bait…

ria says:

Can I not microwave? And if I skip my meals, would it help even better even if it is not recommend?

felicia stevenson says:

who tried this, did it work

Jojo Koulermou says:

ingredients start at 1:57. you are welcome😊


ok..nw tell me how much tym it will take to lose 10 kilo

Jeceil Macan says:

this is true i already try this method..

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