How to lose arm fat fast at home| Easy exercise to reduce arm fat for beginners

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How to lose Arm fat/ Simple exercise  at home.

How to tighten tone sagging arms by doing this simple arms excercise at home. These workout will not only help you to lose fat but also will help toning them better

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Jami Brumfield says:

Love the arm fat exercises. I've never tried the arm pops, but done all the rest and they really work.

johnson john says:

Your arms shining arms good …

nature&sports&éducation says:

your channel is a very nice im new friend like and subscribed good continuation for you welcome for my channel.

Get Beautiful says:

Very good excersie for reducing arm fat. Thanx for sharing. Joined you.

Chandni Choithramani says:

Thanks for encouraging us to stay healthy and exercise

Adya style vibes says:

Informative video. Keep growing 😊

Jaya Sethi says:

I love the wall push ups 😍 all workout was awesome 👏👏 very useful will start 😄 I wait for your videos too good❤️

MF Fitness Journey says:

To really tone you will need some sort of resistance. And these won't necessarily help you burn fat in your arms. Please rememeber that spot reduction is not possible. Your body will use fat from your limbs first as energy but ultimately will get it from all over the body. And to build muscle, the fibers need to be broken down with some sort of resistance training. Movement in itself won't help your muscles tear, which ultimately won't really do much. The wall pushup however is a good exercise for your triceps and can help build endurance and has resistance since you are using your body weight against that muscle. The others are good however for someone to begin moving who has been stationary for a long part of their life and are not very mobile. I hope I can help in any way if you or anyone has any questions 🙂

S Dance Choreography says:

Good content

Mirchi Lagi says:


MASTERMIND YouTuber says:

It's very good and informative…

Bindu Thadani says:

Very effective workout thanks for sharing very helpful video 😍😍👍👏 you looks so pretty and your hair I just love it 😘😘

Meher Batliwala says:

Was doing with you my arms was burning but very good workout 👌👍..very easy and well explained workout not seen any videos like this you are amazing and your channel going to share with my bhabhi n friends ❤️💜💝

Richie's Crazy Blog says:

I would like to watch ur video that I have share ur health tips to my mom and younger sis. Highly recommended health tips Ms. Sadhana🙏,,Cheers..keeping doing more …🤘

With Love, Kinjal says:

Seriously very imp video. It's actually difficult to lose arm fat and belly fat..that too without joining gym…thanks so much for showing these exercises which can be easily done at home. Very useful for people who can't go for workout..🧡🧡

Scan Alone says:

Good work …

Anita Kapoor says:

Very useful & helpful video .. please upload more videos ..l like you so much ❤️❤️

Seema Khanna says:

You are just amazing 😘 you motivate us to workout with you while you were doing I’m doing with you enjoyed the workout ❤️❤️ I want tone arms like you 😍😍 .. Wonderful video as always 👏👏👏👏

Rahul Taak says:

apko gym bhi karni chiye

Rahul Taak says:

nice 😊😊😀😁😁

Hema Desai says:

Wow I just loved the workout for arms 👍👏 well done and explained .. these I need to tone my arms too as usual great helpful video mam 😘😘👌

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