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Vlogmas Day 13
What I eat in a day
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About Me ♡
Name: Shanice
Editting Software: Imovie
Camera: Canon G7X Or Canon EOS Rebel T5I
Lighting: Soft Boxes or Natural
Where I Live: Perth, Australia
Q; how old are you?
A; 17
tysm for 190,000 subs ♡ ♡ ♡


Mika Tremblay says:

I felt like you should eat more.. I eat more than that and still lose weight

davidsirmons says:

Bananas are super high in sugar. Avoid them at all costs. Avoid bread, wheat, flour, pasta, noodles, rice, potatoes, alcohol, milk, sugar, fruit, and fruit juice. ALL THE THINGS THAT SPIKE INSULIN LEVELS. Go back to bagged beans, peas, lentils, and if you're okay with gluten, have oats and oat bran, and only in the A.M. have more meals a day, 5-6, every two or two and a half hours, roughly a big handful of food each time, and taper off the calorie count as the day progresses. Viola!

Carlos Fla says:

Three minutes of pure beauty !!! 🌺🌺💕💕🌸🌸

Jose Ramirez says:

All I have to say steak and eggs!!!! That's gonna be when you sign on.. I don't know how you eat that shit!!! I guess you just a better person than me… Have a great day Or night…

lucas sacul says:

Hi beauty, excellent Smoothie, but let me recommend, you can make a it with raspberry, cherries, blackberries and add bananas and super rich and many vitamins it will be the Smoothie, you will be like a super woman model, and will not make you hungry for a long time. Enjoy

chomsken says:

is that baby asian ?

Cristobal Sanchez says:

I love Shanice cute woman ❤😘

Holly Harwood says:

Ur so gorgeous xx

annie yon says:

Love you Shanice!❤️

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