BMBB: Best Toronto Bootcamp. How I Got Flat Stomach in 8 Weeks

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Hey ladies,

Check out this video if you want to know what is going on in our boot camp classes, here in Toronto and learn why the Build My Body Beautiful girls are the fittest girls in town!

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Here is a simple recipe from this book that will satisfy your cravings and will keep the weight loss at an optimal level:

• 2-3 Roasted Seaweed Nori Sheets.
• 1 can of low-sodium white tuna (in water). (1P)
• 2tbsp low-sodium fermented soy sauce.
• ½tsp sesame oil (optional).
• 2tbsp chopped green onions.
• 1tsp chili powder.
• 2tbsp Garlic Dip (see recipe above).
• 2tbsp Rice vinegar.
• ¼ cucumber (cut lengthwise into match sticks). (1FC)
• Wasabi paste (optional).

What you do:
1) Mix tuna, soy sauce, sesame oil, green onion, chili powder, 1tbsp Garlic Dip and rice vinegar together in a bowl.
2) Lay Nori sheets flat one by one on a cutting board.
3) Spread 1tbsp Garlic Dip to cover the entire sheet in a thin layer.
4) Add tuna mixture in the center lengthwise.
5) Add cucumber match.
6) Add wasabi if desired.
7) Roll Nori sheets into a tube/wrap style.
8) Best to eat it lik e a wrap or hand roll (if you choose to cut into maki style, use a very sharp knife and make sure the wrap is very tight.
9) You can also get some pickled ginger and have it on the side.

Not only will you learn this and 30 more healthy recipes like that, but also will learn about a way of eating that gets our clients to the best shapes of their lives!

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