How To Lose Weight FAST For Teenagers (1 Week)

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Hey, I’m Ryan Kearns and in this video I’m going to show you how to lose weight fast for teenagers in 1 week

Now look, I don’t like making videos about losing weight “fast” in general.

The truth is, you can do it.

I don’t know what your rush is, but I tend to recommend that people slow down and increase their time horizon a little bit when they’re trying to lose weight.

I mean, you have time…but I know you hate hearing that.

But usually, the faster you lose weight, the faster it comes right back.

So first I’m going to tell you how to lose weight super duper fast!

And then after that, I’m going to tell you how to lose weight the right way, without going crazy, so you can lose the pounds and keep them off forever…

No matter the reason, if you literally want to lose weight fast, and I mean in a week or less, it’s simple!

You can just eat way less…and work out way more!

It’s that simple!

People make it sound all hard and crazy, but the truth is if you’re burning more calories than you’re putting in, then you’re going to lose weight.

Plain and simple!

Now the problem with this technique is you might lose energy, you’ll probably lose focus, you’ll lose some brain power, and you might faint.

So now, for the real way to lose weight, and keep it off for the long term…

So when I was a young kid, probably around 13, I was the fat kid. I weighed well over anyone in my entire grade. I was well lover 200 pounds by the time I was 13.

And people would make fun of me all the time.

Then one day, I made a decision.

One simple, but enormous decision, that shaped the rest of my life.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was sitting in my basement with my friends. I was sitting on some workout equipment, that wasn’t really used very often in my house, and we were just sitting there shooting the sh*t, you know talking to each other, talking about whatever.

And then my friends were like it’s so cool that you have workout equipment.

And then something clicked in my brain and I thought you know that is pretty cool.

Most people might not have access to be able to work out, like I could if I wanted to.

So why am I the heaviest kid in my grade?

Why am I overweight and have a lot of fat to get rid of?

And this honesty that I had with myself, really changed the rest of my life.

So I looked at my friends that day and I said, “You know what? I’m going to get ripped!”

But I had woken up this fire within me to get absolutely cut, shredded, ripped, skinny, you know be in the best possible shape of my life.

And they were just like yeah okay Ryan, whatever you say.

So that moment didn’t mean anything to them and I’d be surprised if they even remember it.

But, it meant everything to me as that was the first time that I made the huge decision to take control of my health.

But it doesn’t end there because after that I had to make a series, an unlimited amount, of tiny micro-decisions every single day to make the healthy choice.

I had to focus on what I should eat for every single meal, and whether I should bring my lunch or buy school lunch and what I should bring for lunch and how I should pack my lunch and what to eat for every meal.

I also needed to focus on when I needed to wake up so I could work out and where I could fit a work out into my schedule.

I had to make decisions based on whether or not I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle.

And that’s the real way to lose weight.

It’s simple. Simply, start eating less, and start working out more.

This will put you in a caloric deficit which means that you’re burning more than you’re putting in, and you will burn fat.

But remember, the weight will probably come back the second you start stuffing your face again.

And while you might start to look skinny, you might also look tired, unfocused, and groggy.

Or you can do what I did and make that one HUGE decision to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle, and be public about it! Share it with your family and friends, and hold yourself accountable, so that you can make those tiny micro-decisions day to day that will increase your chances of becoming the healthier version of yourself.

I’m Ryan Kearns, and I hope you crush it every single day! I’ll see you next time. Peace!




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