Teen Losing Weight: New and Improved. Week 1 the right Way.

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Ok so i know its been like 3 or 4 weeks but im back weight a very small amount of loss. I will be updating ever week instead of every 2. it will be better to help me stay on track. Please feel free to leave any eating advice. thats my biggest problem. Please Okay haha. Thanks so much for supporting me, I cant wait until the weight starts to come off like i see everybody else weight on her it might not come off as fast but i wont give up. thanks so much once again. Bye


Artur Sadoviy says:

Wow! .I did -20 lbs past 2 weeks.More here hawght.so#FPzIvEr

Cece Caldwell says:

i have the same problem Lol i had said omg i look like that too with the rolls and fat and i am almost 15 and i am 5'8 and weight a lot i hate it and even my parents are big too but i hate the way i look.

suhaydee luvsu says:

omg i saw your vidoe from week 1(other week1 lol) and i can see the difference its ovious keep it up dont give up 🙂 i can tell you have been working hard, thats more then other people can do

Holly Roper says:

you are not fat all hunnie!!

iTiredofbeingfat says:

@jahjah890 Thanks

jahjah890 says:

i can definelty see a change..keep it up..dont give up girl..wow, u should be proud of yourself!!

iTiredofbeingfat says:

@screamolives Lol Yeah I get that a lot Buttt I don't know I wish weighed less right now I'm 185

iTiredofbeingfat says:

Yeah I get that A lot. My mom is 5'4 and im like an inche taller or so or maybe a half inch taller… as you can see i dont know how tall i am hehe. Maybe 5'5

iTiredofbeingfat says:

Yeah Im glad to be back too! Thanks so Much for Rooting for me! I cant wait until All this hard work gets me to my goal

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