How to Get Arms in 2 Weeks (teen)

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I got these arms in 2 weeks doing my work out, You wanna try

Instagram: zjjelinek
Snapchat: randomguy5570
Gmail: zjjelinek2@gmail
Steam:team_Wiggels1 (i was 9)
discord code: wEBkaFS


Yuvraj Sisodia says:

Well done bro love from india👌👌will surely follow u

PICS 2411 says:

This also works for females right? I just wanna get ripped to beat my best friend 🙂

Callum Roberts says:

Thanks for the video!!!

Skyz YT says:

u are ripped

Rage Viller says:


Nadia Eljerroumi says:

Thank you i didnt have any arms

Kk Ffffg says:

Im deontay wilder

Kk Ffffg says:

This guys weak

Cristian Dominguez says:

Is this a real work out lol

Atharva Purohit says:

my eyes got a workout from following him around the screen

Ann Jonson says:

Hey guys welcome to Corey's world we are here with another tutorial

Joshua B says:

I watched this like a year ago when I was kind of chubby, then puberty came and I gained like 10 pounds of muscle 😂

Alexander Lacaden says:

I've noticed how the shorter kids look stronger then the taller ones.

OnlinePuddle says:

I followed this tutorial but I still have no arms

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