How to Lose Weight for Teenagers

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Since everyone was so shocked about the before and after picture I posted on Instagram and wanted to know how I lost my weight, I decided to do a YouTube video to help explain my process and help others lose weight too.

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Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video and got something out of it. Please don’t judge me, I’m not experienced or a professional in this and I’m only 15 just giving my own experience on how I loss weight. Thanks



Yo girlz B&W says:

I’m trying to lose weight I’m not big it’s just I wanna be THICk 😂

nae franchie says:

man I weigh 79.1 pounds prob more now but I’m trying to loose this shit


Thank you soo much Emily I was trying to to slim down because I'm going to the six grade and I see girls online and just like how u like the look of them I was like me and u had the same problem so I just wanna say thank u soooo much

Bianca Shepard says:

i would go run but niggas be lookin out they windows n shit like damn🤦🏽‍♀️ IK IM OBESE😂

The Montgomery Family says:

People say that you can’t lose boob fat but it look like you lost a lot of it. Did it just come with you losing weight or did you do sum to lose it?

Audrey Conley says:

Sis your 15??? You look grown

Maia Tinsley says:

You wasn’t even fat

Ill Mind says:

I’m trying to loose my baby 😔

Life of Arii says:

damn if you thought you was big , i wonder what you ah think i am 😂

Issa_ Princessaz says:

Hey girl my waist is 38 inch should I get a small or a medium

Juliea Hilbert says:

Who watching in 2019 ? I have a month to get snatched before school 😭

Jx GxG says:

This will inspire alot of people doesn't matter how big you where u where still beautiful the way you where and the way are 🙂

LAT TV says:

Tryna lose weight before highschool


I don’t have 6 pack but am relly strong and avted

Abby Tv says:

Ok so I’m 15 and I have been overweight for years and I still am I have been searching for stuff to lose weight..and I never knew apple cider vinegar helps I’ll most likely try it out

Fantasia Powell says:


Yvette Nyirasabato says:

Thank you girl that inspired me ❤

Gymnastics&Dance says:

What is the intro song?

Mimii’s World says:

I just made sum of that apple cider vinegar and the first 2 sips were okay I guess, but when I took another sip I almost gagged 😭💀 But imma still try more of it bc I’m really tryna loose weight!! Thank you Emily❤️🤗

Jayla park Joshon says:

I'ma tell jay

Danielle Babineaux says:

Starting today im going to lose weight so 2020 here i come

jordan lopez1 says:

You just encouraged me to work harder thank you so much💙💙

Jamira. says:

You so pretty😍 .

Valerie Smith says:

I did not no u was big

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