How to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers – How To Lose Weight Fast

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How to Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers – How To Lose Weight Fast

I’ve been reading most of the comments and I’ve notice that alot of people ask about how to lose weight fast for teenagers. Today, I decided to make a video that briefly explain how to lose weight fast in a safe manner. I cover three steps in this video. Enjoy!

Learning how to lose weight fast will greatly lower your body fat % and in result, you will have a more defined body.

When you tune in, you will learn effective exercise techniques and dieting tips that will transform your body into a lean, mean, muscle machine! I personally execute all of the exercises that I show you and look my results! Subscribe today and let me help you obtain six pack abs that you are dying to have.

Tutorial: How to Lose Weight Fast

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Moyock Reptiles says:

I'm 13 I want to lose some weight and get a six pack what food should I eat because I'm gonna start exercising more everyday

Cheesy Big says:

One thing carots and things WHO grows under the earth are unhealthy

Cheesy Big says:

How Much is a pound. in Sweden we have something called kilogram

cassie chensea says:

i just did your 3 minute 6 pack workout tonight for the first time and my stomach and i am soar now should i do that exercise twice a day and the diet you have on the video?

Meh_is_ Crispy says:

I love these videos

Angel Acevedo says:

Thank you for this

Humza T king says:

can you do a video to get faster and get a bigger vertical


What if i do 4 hours with no rest (cardio)

Devon Nowland says:

Im 13 and i wanna get a six pack i weigh 119 lbs and i need help should i lose weight or start working on my six pack please reply and help me

J•WeSley says:

How to get 6pac in 1 week

Karisa Roberts says:

do you have any videos on how to get rid of love handles and belly fat

Braillyn Valdez says:

thats a lot man i have been doing the 3 minute working for 4 weeks twice a day and got me some abs thank you

Ezekiel Morales says:

Also I'm trying to build my chest

Ezekiel Morales says:

And eating tips

Ezekiel Morales says:

What tips do you have for a 14yr.old like me I weigh 120lbs.and play soccer(cardio)for2-4hrs.

AJ Flores says:

Hey love the video can you put a video how to loses love Handel's work out please

Axxe Johnson says:

Thank you very much man. These exercises i seen on your channel are easy to do but, most definitely seem and look very effective. You have gave me confidence. This was my first day of doing the exercises, and its fun and makes me feel like i can keep going. There's more i can say but i'll stop here….. thank you….p.s. this channel and the videos obviously deserve a like and a subscribe… thanks.

Craig hodges says:

That ice cream part was funny

Yung Jr says:

What's the best way to get quick abs can you explain and show

Bagman Trell says:

Hey u think u can make a video on chest workout

Trace Trautman says:

I need help with motavation

Upsidedownmelon says:

Good job mate 

Caliber Kevlar says:

Thanks man! This and all your other videos have helped me so much!

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