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cht3n0 says:

Hi , Instead if running is swimming an alternative ? Would that be considered a slimming exercise.. I have knee issues so this is why I ask

Forest Que says:

I have Dysautonomia/POTS and cannot run or jog. I’ve been using a recumbent bike with no success 🤦🏻‍♀️

Dtrain says:

The only thing I don't get is your explanation when it comes to glycogen. If im continuously in a deficit my glycogen stores should almost always be depleted. So your recommendation on burning glycogen first before cardio doesn't make sense … I shouldn't have glycogen stores.

Sharell Campion says:

If you'd like to lose weight, search for "Tanya Clarke Diet Book" on Google. This info helped me lose over 50 pounds fast…

Sarah Mousch says:

Question please- I believe that I am an apple endomorph. You suggested running to slim legs & glutes but I don't have that issue. I want to lose the stomach. Running also bothers my knees. What other cardio would you suggest?

Sadia A says:

Ooooooohhhhh….. Now I understand!!! 💡💡💡
Usually on the threadmill for 45min but it’s only after c. 20 min that I start sweating.
I usually take apple cider vinegar before bed to let it do its cleansing and re-balancing during my sleep. What do you think?
But I can’t do life without coffee.
But I will do my best to incorporate green tea and use it as a substitute every other day.

Grisel de la Torre says:

Do you recommend a specific brand of green tea?

Borealis says:

5 days 45 min cardio isn’t really sustainable long time if you hate running like I do! Any alternative – I do step and aerobic classes can these be counted as cardio ?

Lady Mistik says:

Wow. If the first 25 mins of working out doesn’t affect metabolism and you need a *minimum of 45min cardio, do we need to invest more than an HOUR of working out?? 15-20 weight training and then 45 cardio? That’s a long time in an evening; especially if you work and commute over an hour.

TheGlamoresque says:

Right now im doing 1.5 hour cardio sessions (30 min of hiit type workouts, moderate intensity) and then about 45-1 hour of dance. Or i'll do 30 min of moderate strength workouts and then 1 hr cardio. Im doing this 4 days a week. Is that a good approach since you said it takes about 25 minutes of exercise for our bodies to burn through carbs and tap into fat loss?

Stephanie Keith says:

I’m an Endomorph how would I know if I have a hormonal imbalance?

angelicah01 says:

Me writing everything then gasps over no coffee 😢

Kelly Jones says:

Thank you, for time and deciation

dawn wagner says:

Should the green tea be decaf or is regular okay?

Carla Liranzo says:

Hi. Will you be doing a video for mesomorps? Also, if I’m a combo body type- meso/endo should I follow these tips?
Thank you!

Adriana Perez says:

Hi I've read online that you should not drink no more of 2 TBS of Apple cider vinegar a day because it's acidic to tour stomach lining..any tips?

a smith says:

Love this endomorph content AMENNNNNN

Stacy McRae says:

What you think about jump rope for cardio?

Mayra's Life says:

I been slimming down hiking 1hr plus

Gameofglow says:

I want to grow my glutes but slim my thighs while doing fasted cardio/ weight lifting. Is this possible? will fasting make my my glute muscles get smaller. I am so confused. Do you have a program that can help with this? thanks in advance!

Vanne R says:

In the video you recommend weight training then jogging. I usually walk or do elliptical for 30mins. Then the next 30mins I try to jog or do the stairs. But now seeing this no more stairs just jogging. Lol. Can I do the faster cardio at 4am. I lift weights after I get off work around 4p.

JAB BAJ says:

Best video. Thanks so much!

DrBratney says:

Tells you not to drink caffeine…. tells you to drink green tea 3 times a day which contains caffeine….. ok🙄

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