How to Lose Belly Fat for Men and Teenagers PERMANENTLY (Have an Active Lifestyle)

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Aryaman Sharma says:

I love ur videos

Aryaman Sharma says:

We should meet up

Aryaman Sharma says:

No way I also live in Hamilton

Javi Jadwani says:

You're fuckin dope bro! No joke! Keep it up

Masitbi says:

dude i was watching one of your videos about making eye contact because you said you went through a phase which pretty much sounds like what im going through right now. i'm trying to exaggerate on the fact that you probably understand and know what im going through because everything you said was true relating to me aswell, for example, not having a gf in high school and in the first two years of uni. The thing is i want to bring out the animal in me but now that im going through this phase im realizing that it will take time. Dude you dont understand how much your videos are helping me at this very moment. Just wanna say that i am grateful for your efforts of posting such videos because somewhere out there, there are people such as yourself and I who go through this phase. I need help trying to find an active lifestyle because i love playing sports but i cant seem to find anyone to play with or maybe because there are things going on in my life that prevent me from doing so. I could go on and on man but tbh i literally found your channel today and already the first video i watched was probably the best advice anyone has given to me, so thanks again 7bb <3

Pamella Anderson says:

always best and greatist💪❤ love your ways bro leads to the right paths

Rodrigo Vidal says:

hey saeed, i know you made many videos already, but can you make a tutorial video for teenagers to lose fat all over ? including like man boobs and belly fat, i want to know the exact excersises to do and how often, like 1 hour every other day or daily?

denise hope says:

healthy coffee video??

Nae Nae says:

Nice video bro

Asian Awit says:

Oke oke oke

King Mr Biscuit says:

ya wish I could talk to u more about training and getting a better chest

SeiZ says:

Is it better to eat protein before or after workout and if after then how long after you're done working out

Tj James says:

Such a beautiful scenery <3

SAEED says:

Same name ^^

Chris Barca says:

whats your height and how much do you weigh

Shaheed Muslim says:

Actually as much as I want to love the outdoors I don't know where to go. It's the serenity of nature that I enjoy but with people around it kinda ruins it for me.

Shaheed Muslim says:

Canada really is beautiful. Such a huge lake!!

Guus Keunen says:

Good message bro! Completely relate to your phone story and how you think about technology.

King Mr Biscuit says:

I wish I lived in canda

Robert M says:

damn bro I bike on that trail every summer, it's crazy seeing you there! great video man 🙂

Robert M says:

Yo Saeed I think I saw you at Jackson square a few days ago!

MacSnNova 1310 says:

A good different video keep being great

EverythingCounts says:

In all honesty cardio isn't even necessary to lose fat. Just need to be in a caloric deficit. But yeah it does make it a lot easier to lose fat when you are active and burning so many more calories.

Almighty says:

less then a year ago i was 260+ pounds. i started the gym because i was tired of being chubby and people calling me fat so i started the gym and now im 206 pounds 🙂 i got 16 more pounds to go to reach my goal.

Dexcy says:

Always a lesson or a thought from your videos. That aside, bro is there any work outs I can do at home for my back without any weights or equipments? Can't really install a pull up bar so push ups are the only thing I do at the moment that involves back.

-wix says:

R u cycling in this video?

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