how to lose weight fast for teenagers in 3 days

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how to lose weight fast for teenagers in 3 days. – When you lose weight there are numerous different factors that can affect your weight. Examples include glycogen, which is just stored carbodydrates, you have sodium, water intake for the day, and carbohydrate intake for the day, and if you have peed or of had a bowel movement. I can give you guys a great example of what beginners will typically see happen when they try to lose weight. Lets say a person is a male 5’9 220lbs and doesn’t have a lot of muscle on him. He wants to get down to 160lbs so he can bulk and gain muscle once his fat is gone. So the person weighs himself day 1 and he weighs 220lbs, after a week of being on a keto diet, he weight himself too see that he is down to 215lbs, this is amazing. The next week goes by and the man is now sitting at 218lbs, and is very mad, and is thinking of quitting the program. What gives? How did he lose 5lbs than gain 3 more pounds, even though he was eating the same thing.
– The answer is a ton of variables, on the day he weighed himself to be 215lbs, he may have already did his bowel movement and peed, but he may not have done this when he weighed himself to be 220lbs, because of the keto diet, which is basically no carbs, his glycogen stores will be empty, which also means that he isn’t eating carbs. Carbs and water add weight to the scale, so does having full glycogen stores. There are a ton of variables.
– If you want the scale to show 10 pounds lost, I can do that for anyone in under 3 days simply by manipulating sodium, water, carbs, and glycogen stores, as well as making sure bowel movements and pee are done before we weighed. This is really pointless though, and in my opinion is only needed for powerlifters. Because once you have a meal or 2 you will go back to the same weight, that’s what a lot of beginners notice.
– So how do you actually lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. 1 pound of fat loss is equal to 3500 calories roughly. If you cut calories by 500 a day, in 2 weeks you will lose 2 pounds.


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