JUMP ROPE: Weight Loss Workout For (Women, Teenagers And Men)

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This jump rope weight loss routine is for women, teenagers and men. With this weight loss jump rope routine you will burn 600+ calories in about 30 minutes so give this weight loss jump rope routine a try. The weight loss routine for jump rope is down below…

Beginner Jump Rope Here (BUY HERE): https://goo.gl/Sqi4K8

Beginner Boxing Trainers (BUY HERE): https://goo.gl/aTFfs9


30 seconds (SLOW)
30 seconds (FAST)
30 seconds (BURPEES)
1 minute (REST)

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I know it’s a short video but I’ve got something big coming to you guys.. but if you’re going to try this routine LEAVE A THUMBS UP & A COMMENT LETTING ME KNOW 💦👀

cindy says:

I remember during soccer conditioning last year they made us do all these squats, push ups, planks, and burpees and nobody liked the burpees and I was so excited to them and had all this energy for it😂

Tenny says:

Does this will get me lose belly fat? 😀

Gus says:

Hey dude. Have you tried out the infinity jump ropes from Crossrope? I think you’d love them. They are without a doubt the best ropes I’ve tried. They are weighted and top quality. Check em out dude. P.s, keep up the great vids ✌️

Isabel Estrella says:


D.D. says:

Y'all… Do this to jaden smiths 'Icon'… I promise, I forgot I was working out and was floating off the ground at one point💦 But those burpees tho… 💀lol do them for the culture😫💦

jessica flower says:

I tell you yes beast mode lol we need to work out together lol

niesha orr says:

Hey handsome! I would watch u do anything but this was nice too, u make burpees look easy & a lil sexy lol😊

Live Free says:

YES! The edits are back

Be Love says:

YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS King. I will be tryin this tomorrow. Thank you so much, great video as usual. Keep'em coming😘😘😘

Bodybuilding&JDM Car Build says:

your the jump rope king my man you got my thumbs up

Zinnie Mtonga says:

I love your videos❤️❤️

FreedazSignatures says:


Jack Husband says:

40k pending….

Changinga says:

Just did this workout and it’s the best thank you MRLONDON💪🏽

Natalie Harris says:


MyLifeMyJourneys says:

My arms are so weak,my face would have hit the floor first😣😂😂. Great video once again!

Ingrid Simmons says:

Nice workout – I'm doing this now and it works. I'm into my 14th week of boxing and love it. Keep the videos coming!

sweet2def says:

One of my goals this year is to learn to skip for fitness properly, rather than a like Primary school kid

Water 1054 says:


Tahesha says:

Here for all the wrong reasons 😍😂… But gotta support the fit/healthy lifestyle also! ❤ #teamMR.LONDON

Candy J. says:

You are a Huge Help. I Have Been Really Depressed over my weight. Trying not to give up. I Really Need Your help on my Weight Loss Journey. I got my Membership at the Gym. I'm Ready to do this.

Marriott Performance says:

You’re a savage at skipping!!

thelaurels13 says:

You should do a collaboration video with Rushi from Rush Athletics.

Bella Bella says:

this is cool

DaNiiMii says:

Going to try this as my 5min warmup for the week!! Love ur vids they r a lot of help and very motivating😉 Keep em coming!!

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