"How To Squat Deeper" – "How to Lose Weight in 30 days"

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“How To Squat Deeper” – “How to Lose Weight in 30 days”

In this video, Ryan does a variation of a squat where his depth is limited in the squat. He is only able to squat to the top of the weights on top of the box. This ensures that he maintains proper form in the range of motions he is capable of. This is extremely beneficial to strengthening the squatting muscle without risking injury.

Depth in a squat is not only determined by the flexibility/mobility of the person performing the squat. Fear is a huge factor. By doing squats at a smaller range of motion, you are building confidence in the trainee as well as strengthening their squatting muscles which will still improve overall fitness.

Another exercise you can perform to “How to Squat Deeper” is to tie a band to bar, and work on sitting into a squat with support from the band. Try to use the band as little as possible, and you will be able to stretch the tight muscles in the bottom of the squat.

If you’re wondering “How to Lose Weight in 30 Days”, the squat is an excellent exercise to add in because it will help grow your muscles, therefor increase your metabolism, increasing the amount of calories you burn when you are resting (watching tv).

By growing your muscles, you will also help your legs looked more toned, making you look more fit, and more lean.

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